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Attract the Power of Eleguá to control your enemies 

Eleguá Prayer Dominate Enemies

Welcome, as always, to our page and may you receive many blessings when reading these letters.

Today I want to share with you a prayer that has helped me face life's challenges and overcome obstacles. This is a special prayer to Eleguá, the guardian of the roads and crossroads, known for his great power to open and close doors, and for his ability to influence the will of those around us. 

Eleguá is our Yoruba Guardian of the Paths and Crossroads 

And for this reason we entrust ourselves to his power.

Eleguá is a figure revered by everyone in our religion of the Rule of Osha-Ifá, especially for his power to control the paths of life and his power to influence destinies.

In times of difficulty, when enemies seem to always be lurking, I turn to this prayer to ask for the protection and dominion that only Eleguá can grant me.

The Strength of Eleguá and its powerful Prayer to Dominate Enemies 

By reciting these words, I seek to attract your powerful energy to ensure that those who seek to harm me do not achieve their goals. To enhance it, light a red candle.

Here I leave you this prayer, hoping that, like me, it gives you the strength and security necessary to face any adversity.

May Eleguá hear our prayers and grant us his blessing and protection.

Powerful and venerated Eleguá Laroye, I call you and pray to you. 

Hear my pleas and do not ignore these words that cry out for your power and your presence, because I need your help to defeat my enemies. 

Observe my heart and soul, and understand my need. 

I know that the time is right for you to take care of those who seek to harm me. Oh Eleguá, I ask you not to allow my enemies to achieve their purposes against me. 

May your protection surround me and may your power stop them. 

Powerful Eleguá, I implore you to take charge of them and their intentions, and to give me the security and tranquility I need to move forward. 

Conclusion: The Protection of Eleguá Is Within Your Reach 

Eleguá is a powerful deity that can help us overcome obstacles and protect us from our enemies.

By invoking his presence with this prayer, we not only seek his divine intervention, but also peace and strength to face any adversity.

Remember that the faith and intention with which you recite this prayer are important. With Eleguá by your side, you can trust that you will have the support necessary to defeat your enemies and protect you from any evil.

May his blessing always accompany you and may his power guide you every step of your path.

Thank you for visiting our page and for sharing this sacred space with us. May Eleguá give you its protection and may you find in these words the comfort and security you seek.

I invite you to do one of these rituals for Eleggua:

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