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Otura Meyi, odun where wealth came to the world with the help of Eleguá

Eleguá Otura Meyi

Eshú, Orisha, holder of the keys that open and close the roads from an early age he welcomed Otura Meyi as his protégé.

He always watched over this as a jealous father and without the young man noticing, he instilled in his person the values ​​and ingenuity necessary to win in life.

Pataki where, thanks to Elegguá, the fortune and prestige of Otura Meyi flourished

It was Elegguá secretly who prepared the fate of Otura Meyi, a path in which he wanted to know that he was successful, so one night he hid much of the wealth of the world, took the turtles and took them away from man's sight and began spread epidemics everywhere.

Olofin had an army that guarded both heaven and earth, it was their task to ensure that people did not go to need.

one mañaNa the patrol reached the kingdom of heaven and informed the great Orisha that the riches of the earth were running out and that it was very difficult to get anything in the world of men.

Olofin thought that poverty had invaded the earth, so he instructed the treasurer to open the doors of the heavenly treasury so that riches would fall on men from the clouds.

Wealth came to the world and blessed Otura Meyi, who always thanked Eleguá

Eshú, who had realized what would happen, sought out Otura Meyi to keep up with the facts, telling him that:

The riches would fall only in the houses that were prepared to receive them.

So he told her to take a yam and spread it chopped with cascarilla around the house and then place a white cloth over the door. 

Elegguá went ahead of the other Orishas and communicated to the celestial army that only a man named Otura Meyi was prepared for the arrival of fortune, inducing in him the responsibility of being its executor.

These convinced left for the house of Otura Meyi to delegate to him the function of taking care of the treasure that would fall from the sky.

It was in this way that Otura Meyi became the richest man on the face of the earth, thanks to the help of Elegguá the man not only acquired fortune, but also obtained fame and prestige.

Otura Meyi never forgot his father Eshú, to whom he owed all his goods and life, which was his most precious treasure for which he lived to thank him throughout his life.

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