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To Eleguá: A Ritual to ask for the key to happiness and not stagnate

ritual elegua

Sometimes our lives go too fast between chores and work, problems that hinder our well-being, so we often find ourselves desperate to get out of that pothole, and we feel that the road is closed.

Elegguá is an Osha in the Yoruba religion very compassionate, warrior and protector, he is the owner of the roads, who opens them for good and closes them also for good, because if it doesn't suit you he takes it out of your way so you don't stumble.

Our happiness depends on his great spirituality, the key that opens our well-being, it is Eleguá who has it.

Spiritual work to open roads in the name of Elegguá

Here I leave you a spiritual work in the name of Eleggua so that your life begins to flow and you do not stagnate, so that all the negative that is affecting you moves away.

Remember that everything is not the responsibility of the orishasWe must do well, be consistent with the decision-making in our life and always choose the best path, because with a bad head things will not turn out well.

Ingredients we need:

In this ritual to Eleguá the key represents abundance, health, love, and all the good that can come into our life. With it we symbolize the opening of new and good paths, opening the doors of fortune and prosperity.

  • Brown paper (cartridge paper)
  • Graphite pencil
  • Plateau
  • Cup
  • 1 old key
  • Sweet wine
  • Red candle
  • Bouquet of yellow and white flowers

How do we prepare this ritual at the foot of Eleguá, the little one from Osha?

  1. On the brown paper and with graphite pencil you write what you need to open your way, remember to be concise and clear, do not ask for the impossible according to your situation.
  2. You put the paper in the center of the plate and on top of that paper you put the glass, and you insert the old key inside it, then you pour sweet wine.
  3. You put this in front of Elegguá, and also the bouquet of flowers, which must carry fresh and beautiful flowers, remember that it is an offering
  4. Then you light the red candle in his name and ask Elegguá for your blessing, you give him knowledge of what you have put out loud and what you need to achieve with his help.

To take into account in the work:

At 7 days You throw what you have put into the work in the trash and the liquid is thrown down the drain.

  • Every day you can light the candle for a while to the Orisha of the roads, take the opportunity to talk with him and if you wish you can invoke him with the following prayer:

May Eleguá open paths for you with this ritual and prosperity and happiness come to you!

Other beautiful offerings that you can offer to Eleguá:

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