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Are Eleguá and Eshú the same? Differences between both Yoruba deities

Eleguá and Eshú are the same
  • In the main photo of this article, the representation of Eshú appears on the left and the stone that represents Eleguá on the right.

The similarity and mistake that Elegguá and Eshú offer may be because they both develop similarly, but then, are Eleguá and Eshú the same? The answer is no, they are different deities.

For example, their necklaces are the same, they both eat first of all the other Orishas in the religious ceremonies of the Yoruba cult, they even attend almost the same and can eat together.

Some characteristics and differences between Elegguá and Eshú

Ebbó with Elegguá

Elegguá, the owner of the roads in the Rule of Osha

  • Elegguá is the messenger of all the Oshas and Orishas.
  • It can be crowned, that is, it goes to the lerí (head) in the ceremony of Kariosha (to become a saint).
  • Come down to earth like all the Oshas and Orishas together with an Eshu.
  • Represents the direct creation of Olofin.
  • It closes and opens roads, it is associated with life and death.
  • Elegguá can be persuaded by adimuses (offering) and prayers.
  • The santeros deliver it, according to the path that the person takes.
  • He speaks through the divinatory system of the Diloggún.
  • You must look for the stone (otá), then it is consecrated and does not carry a load.
  • Eleguá is matter.

Eshú, the decider of the fate of Men

  • Eshú is pending that humans fulfill their destiny on earth.
  • It is not crowned, it does not go to anyone's head.
  • It existed before Olofin
  • It is not created by Oloddumare, it is the opposite of Olofin and constitutes a challenge in creation.
  • It is darkness and light.
  • Eshú must be treated with prudence so that he does not destroy our luck.
  • His deity helps us and defines our actions, whether they are good or bad.
  • It is only given by the Babalawos.
  • It is loaded according to the Oddun of Ifá, its guardian angel and its ori.
  • It must be sought, it is done, it carries a load and then it is consecrated.
  • Eshú is energy.

Eshú primordial from which all roads are born

There are 7 fundamental Eshú and from each one of them three are derived for each one and from these in turn more Eshú arise until they become 101, which are descending paths of the 7 main Eshú.

The 7 primary Eshus and their meaning.

  1. Eshu Añagui: It is considered the mother of all Eshus.
  2. Eshu Ocuboro: It is closely related to the life and death of human beings.
  3. Eshu Alaguana: This Eshú can be found everywhere.
  4. Eshu Alayiqui: It is who always knows the beginning of all things.
  5. Eshu Laroye: This Eshú is very rowdy and quarrelsome.
  6. Eshu Babelle: This Eshu both disrupts and composes, hinders and solves.
  7. Eshu Odemare: It is always found in all four corners.

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