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The power of the Waters and its spiritual meaning in Religious Rituals

Water element spiritual meaning

Many have asked me why rain waters, rivers, wells, springs, seas, serene waters are so important in rituals ... Why are you specifically and not others?

Perhaps the logic and reasons why we should use one or the other water depending on the ritual cannot be found ... that is why I have decided to write this article.

Water is a vital, regenerating, purifying element, which provides immense healing, inextricably connected to our emotions and feelings.

The Water element and its spiritual meaning

Since ancient times and in different cultures, water has always had great importance and revelation as a magical element, used in rites and ceremonies, water is a gift from heaven and in it we find spiritual symbolisms.

Just as water quenches your thirst, also when you use it in rituals it brings freshness, strength and energy to your body.

In the places where habita the presence of this sacred liquid, you can connect with its energy and ask for what you want, especially when you invoke the different deities that habitan in the sacred waters, which by emitting their calming sounds, because their movements and power are indescribable and magical.

Our Afro-Cuban religion is closely linked to nature and its elements, and the water element is extremely important, also in rituals typical of the religion such as baths, works, ceremonies ...

Each Orisha is represented in the elements of mother nature, so in each ritual different types of waters that emanate from different natural sources can be used depending on the deity and the purpose of the ritual that we perform.

For this reason, when certain waters are used in rituals, we should not substitute them, because the energy of this water in particular is what will give us the appropriate results.

Powerful waters that nature gives us:

Water spiritual meaning

Sea water belongs to the Goddess Yemayá:

Queen Yemayá She is its owner and the mother of the Universe. This brackish water has the gift of destroying negative energies, it is a great spiritual cleanser and healing.

These waters are in a coming and going, in constant movement, they have energies that transform.

They are widely used to drive away all negative energies, to clean attributes that need to recover positive vibes, to cleanse the body, to purify the home and businesses.

The river water and its owner Oshún:

Its owner is Oshun, the beautiful and smallest Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon.

The waters of the rivers are sweet, very dense and mighty. They are used to charge and clean amulets, for spiritual cleansing baths, for both bodily and spiritual healing, for cleaning homes and businesses.

The doors of the houses are also good to clean with this water, they are incredibly renovating in development work, for love, prosperity, fertility, among many others.

The spring water is also from Oshún:

Springs emerge from the entrancesañas of the earth, of the mountainsañayes It also belongs to Oshún, like the rivers and streams.

It is very useful in works destined to the healing and purification of both the body and the spirit.

The water in the wells is governed by grandmother Naná Burukú: 

Many spiritual benefits are attributed to this legendary water, as it is found in the entrancesañas of the earth. Nana Buruku is a very powerful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, the one that mediates between life and death, to her belongs this precious liquid that habita in the depth of wells.

The Orisha is also invoked in lagoons, river mouths and springs.

This well water is also often used in healing and purification work. It is an element in which you can find infinite spirituality, when you need to clean attributes it is also used.

Lake water possesses the power of Obba:

In the lakes and lagoons is where lives a deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, the orisha oba, a difficult case lawyer who symbolizes marital fidelity.

By invoking this Orisha in lakes you can ask for her help in spiritual works and achieve whatever you need.

Rainwater, a blessing from heaven: 

This water is magical and widely used for jobs where it is required to use the creative, for works of evolution and development, for abundance, it is a gift of the Creator Olofin.

These waters are possessors of strong and energetic energies that is why they heal, revitalize, purify, protect and with it, our life flourishes like plants.

In the Yoruba religion it is also usually invoked to Orisha oko the owner of crops and food, so that the rain falls and the crops grow.

It is used in general to promote creativity, for abundance, generate jobs, changes. His energy is strong and at times very energetic.

The water in the caves possesses the power of mother earth:

These waters are truly divine, their waters are charged directly with the powers of mother earth.

It is used for all spiritual works because of its energy and power, highly recommended for reflections and divinations.

The serene water becomes holy water with the energy of the night:

It is a water that, in the course of the night under divine power, is transformed into holy water.

It is used for all kinds of healing rituals, to eliminate negative energies from our body and specific places, it is a water that gives vigor and positive energy to the bañadry, clean and healthy by mixing it with herbs.

All the waters that nature gives us are a useful and fundamental religious tool in rituals, they play a predominant and essential role due to their spiritual representation and religious power.

Stagnant waters do not flow….

On the other hand, bottled waters, those from the tap, the stagnant ones, are not in motion, therefore they are not restored and do not have the adequate vibration.

Of course, as many times we must do rituals and we do not have the possibility of approaching the site that emanates the waters we need, the ideal is that when you have the opportunity to go to a river, the sea, a well, a cave, a a lake, take a bottle or two with you and take it home full of water.

When it rains you can also collect that wonderful water in a container and to obtain holy water, you just have to place the water in a container and… to calm down during the night!

Here my humble advice, I hope this topic has become clearer to us, every drop of water is life, and wisdom too. A thousand blessings.

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