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4 Ingredients that appease and sweeten the character in Santeria Rituals

Santeria elements

Many times we need to reassure people who make life complicated for us, or resolve relationships and situations, because the environment can become heavy around us and difficult problems can be triggered.

When we perceive that things are not going well and that negative energy surrounds us, when we spend time with some people or in certain situations, we must choose to appease and sweeten with simple elements and rituals, aimed at improving environments and character.

The fact is that some people are impulsive, envious and that, in certain situations of stress and problems, they generate negative energies in the way of others, even their character can lead to fights and misfortunes.

Therefore, it is always good to calm the environment, so that everything runs its course without the attitude of others affecting us.

Elements that soothe the mind, body and spirit

There are several elements with high spiritual power that they achieve through simple rituals, appease the character of explosive people or sweeten those situations of great stress and negativity.

If we can keep them on hand, we can ward off negative energy and problems, and sweeten complications until they fade and calm down.

1. Cascarilla to purify and cleanse all the bad

What is the cascarilla in Santeria
Blow cascarilla in the corners of the house is a powerful ritual

La cascarillaIt has been used in magical and religious rituals since ancient times, due to the purity it contains.

It is an element that is always present in the rituals of the Yoruba religion, as it has a strong purifying and cleansing effect of negativity.

What is the cascarilla in Santeria?

Many times this element is used to appease the tension-laden environment or a person who is angry or charged with dark vibes.

One of the simplest and most effective rituals in Santeria is that when someone is going through a situation of negativity, stress and anger, they should take a spiritual bath with cascarilla to release heavy energy and cleanse. You can also añadir eau de cologne to refresh.

The elaboration of the cascarilla It is made from powdered eggshells, mixed with holy water.

In the ritual of elaboration of this sacred element also includes a ritual dedicated to the Father Orisha Obatalá, so that this element is really pure and has a powerful cleansing effect.

La cascarilla In addition, it enhances spiritual and mental clarity so that we do not get carried away only by emotions. It helps us to take a minute and relax, and thus think twice about what we say and do accordingly.

It can also protect and purify spaces and the people in them, so we can use it in the form of stone or powder, and spread it on doors and windows or in a spiritual bath, as we explained.

One of the best remedies for a person who feels anxious or angry is bañarse with white flowers and cascarilla, and thus eliminate the bad vibes that accompany itañan.

With the cascarilla A cross is also marked on the sole of the shoes for protection and a steady gait.

2. Honey to sweeten, its owner is the Goddess Oshún

Oshún Honey
Honey is a ritual element that sweetens and attracts love

Honey is an important very spiritual natural element. It is highly used by those who want to strengthen and stabilize a romantic relationship that is going through problems and difficulties.

And it is that honey in Santeria is a sweetener and one of the preferred offerings by the Orisha Oshun, the Yoruba Goddess of Love. Honey is one of the basic ingredients to attract the blessings of the deity.

For this reason, it is clear that it is an ingredient used in ceremonies and spells in search of love and fertility.

But this natural element is also the basis of sweetening, which seeks to attract a person's goodwill and good feelings, despite the fact that he or she may be angry.

Honey is also fed to various Orishas, ​​especially Oshún and Eleggua, who likes sweet treats. We ask them to sweeten the environment and purify it from bad vibrations.

Honey is also a highly recommended element in spiritual ceremonies to sweeten, soothe and calm. Whenever we put a splash of honey, love and peace come to us.

It can also be included in spiritual baths to communicate with the Goddess of Love and ask her to sweeten the loved one so that they are more receptive to our affections.

There are even small rituals such as writing the name of the person we love on paper and then smearing it with honey to sweeten feelings and generate attraction.

3. Calm balm and its spiritual use to calm the soul

Peaceful spiritual balm
Calm balm is a fundamental ingredient in appeasement rituals

The esoteric calming balm oil is especially indicated to calm relationships or situations. It is, par excellence, the element for rituals designed to calm a person or place.

The Calm Balm is used to tame people of an aggressive nature, or to facilitate reconciliation if there has been a love breakup due to many arguments and misunderstandings.

It is said that it can calm jealousy, unruly children, hostile bosses, negative co-workers, etc.

It is used especially for spiritual baths that calm those irritated. And it is that when the person is calm, he can think more clearly and say the appropriate things to calm the situation.

Also with the calm balm we can anoint candles, candles, wax figures, and thus enhance the calming effect until it reaches all the place where we are and eliminates the bad vibes.

It is even said that we can mix a few drops of the product with our perfume to wear it daily and thus be calm and calm.

4. Amansa handsome plant: The stick that calms bad spirits

Handsome amansa plant

Amasaguapo is a very common shrub in Cuba, used for its medicinal properties and for its uses as one of the best spiritual elements to calm people and situations.

Al Amasaguapo, one of the representative plants of the powers of Shango, God of Fire and Thunder of the Yoruba pantheon, is used as a reinforcement and charge to calm down when there are problems, for conciliations of couples or friends and to solve problems in general.

In the Regla de Ocha (Santeria), it is also the representative plant of Oggun, God of Metals with Shango and helps ask the deities to calm irritated people, solve arguments and even sweeten the feelings of those we love.

The so-called Amansaguapo stick has an important place in spells and rituals for the reconciliation of the couple, as it helps to calm the spirits and sweeten the character. It also takes away the bad vibes that drive arguments and leaves instead a peaceful and calm environment.

This plant is used for similar purposes, for reconciliations and to calm and dominate difficult situations.

The Amansaguapo stick can be used in spiritual baths to communicate with the Orishas and let them know our concerns or to calm down and think things over calmly in order to find a solution to problems.

Amansaguapo is also a ritual element that can be grated as powder and burned for incense, as its calming effect is enhanced and it spreads through spaces, banishing negative energy and calming spirits.

Rituals and powerful works that we can perform:

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