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Did you know these 3 powerful Spiritual Elements and their Rituals?

Ritual elements

Many are the elements of natural origin that, due to their beneficial properties for humans and their powers linked to nature, we use in spiritual rituals with the aim of purifying and cleaning spaces. 

Thus expelling negative energy and dark vibrations that can attack us and break the spiritual peace of our home or workplace.

However, some of these elements and herbs are better known than others for their powers. 

The fact is, there are countless natural ingredients for protective spells and rituals that also attract positive vibes and good wishes.

We present below, 3 powerful elements that are used in rituals that you may not have known about:

1. Indigo, to expel evil spirits

Many of us hear about indigo, and we quickly associate it with a shade of blue and a garment dye. 

Indeed, indigo is a plant with tinctorial qualities closely associated with cotton. It is said to give the firmer blue color to fabrics.

Indigo, also known as indigo, is a sub-shrub with an upright stem, compound leaves, that has small pink flowers and compressed legumes. 

It blooms in the months of January and February and is typical of Tropical America.

It has numerous medicinal uses, among which are:

  • As an antidote to scorpion stings
  • It is a great antiseptic that heals skin ulcers
  • Tinctorial fountain

Two indigo spiritual cleansing rituals that keep spirits away from the threshold

In the spiritual world, indigo is used to cleanse, to ward off low vibration spirits and to unblock energies. 

This shrub clears any negative energy that accumulates in the environment, which is why it is widely used in purifying cleansings.

Many cultures indicate that the walls of the house should be painted with indigo at least once a year, since it is its peculiar blue-indigo color, which has an immense purifying power, which elevates and protects the soul.

We can use indigo to purify in different ways:

Indigo for ritual cleaning of environments, homes and businesses:

  1. We fill a bucket with two liters of water and añawe gave a spoonful of indigo powder. 
  2. We carry out a complete cleaning of the floors and also throw away everything that is not useful such as broken objects and old clothes.
  3. We take a clean cloth and smear it with water diluted with indigo and wipe it on the tiles, floor and doors, which are the places where negative energies are concentrated.

A powerful cleansing that purifies the body with indigo:

  1. Boil a liter of water and añawe gave a pinch of indigo powder and drops of anise essence. 
  2. After taking a normal shower, we pour all the water from the jug with the indigo and the essence of anise into our body, keeping our mind filled with faith and positive thoughts. 
  3. We must ensure that we only wet from the shoulders down, and never the head and hair. 

2. Guinea pepper to ward off evil

Guinea pepper It originates from West Africa and West Africa and is often used as a substitute for black pepper in meals. 

It is also called "grain of paradise" or "bat pepper." 

His scientific name is Guinean Piper Schumach and its uses are mainly culinary, although it also has important medicinal properties. With guinea pepper many ailments are treated. 

It is spicy on the palate and highly sought after to season different foods. 

Additionally, guinea pepper seeds are said to possess aphrodisiac effects and help maintain peace and happiness in homes and among families. 

Its medicinal properties include:

  • Cold Treatment
  • Relief of muscle aches
  • Antiseptic
  • antirust
  • Anticancer

Benefits and benefits of pepper

Guinea pepper is one of the most important and sacred spices in the world, and its use is believed to ward off all kinds of negativity.

Thanks to guinea pepper, we can cleanse our home of any negative presence or entity. 

It is a powerful purifier that will also increase love, positive energy, optimism and strengthen family ties.

Among his other spiritual powers we highlight:

  • Raises energy and makes spells more effective.
  • Defeat and drive away enemies.
  • Helps to stop vices and drugs.
  • Transform negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Stops curses and nullifies evil
  • Increase love, sexual desire and stimulate shy people.

3. Serene Water to heal the soul and body

Serene water as a ritual element

Water is a highly spiritual natural element which, in addition, has important healing possibilities such as: activate, energize, energize, oxygenate, ozonate, solarize, polarize, magnetize and many other powerful therapeutic benefits.

The importance of water for life is known to man from his first steps as a species. 

And its lesser known medicinal properties include:

  • Progressively and durably regulate blood pressure
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Improve circulation and preserve the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Increases peristaltic movements of the intestine
  • Improves the skin making it smoother

What is serene water and how can we use it?

On the calm water, we must know that as its name indicates, it has been exposed to the calm of the night. 

At that time, the power and blessings of heaven are poured over it, so it is transmuted into what we know as Holy Water.

It is known as healing water, which will benefit us in all aspects, but above all, if we clean our home with it. 

If we purify any physical space with it, all negative entities will come out and only peace, tranquility, light and love will remain between the walls.

Cleaning in the home, business or other space with serene water

  1. To clean the house, we must leave a bucket or bowl in the serene on some wooden furniture.
  2. to the mañaNext time we wash the floors outwards with that water, until we achieve that nothing from the environment disturbs us. 
  3. We must start cleaning from the back of the house, until we dump the water at the front door of the home or business.
  4. Ideally, the house is clean, and then do a second cleaning with the serene water.

Drink serene water to purify and heal the body

Serene water is also used to heal the body from illness. 

  1. To do this we must fill a glass with this water and place it on a wooden table in a garden or patio. 
  2. Then we kneel down and ask with great faith that the water heal us and bless us and we leave the glass all night exposed to the serene, covered with a canvas or fine cloth.
  3. At dawn we must drink that water and enjoy its purifying properties, always with faith in our body to heal soon.

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