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Letter from a pregnant woman to Oshún: Bless my belly and go

Pregnant to Oshun

Yalorde patron saint of Cuba, Orisha protector of femininity and honey bees, most beautiful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, thank you for allowing me the great virtue of being a mother, of carrying in my womb and in my heart a new life that I will take care of as much as mine.

I promise you, mother, that I will make this new person a person worthy of your love.

I beg you, mother, to cover me with your mantle, so that I can carry out a healthy pregnancy and have a safe delivery, so that after delivery I can hug my baby and let him know of my love and that he will never be alone on earth because I love him. I will protect and support him with the favor of the Orishas and the Eggunes.

With your mother waters, sweeten my path, free me from all evil, deflect sickness and the evil eye from my baby and protect him from all those who want to harm him even with their thoughts.

Give him a healthy, prosperous future, where happiness and peace exist, lead him on the right path so that he becomes a good human being.

Make him a responsible, happy person, allow him to understand the value of things and be able to appreciate the sacrifice that has to be made to have what he wants.

I wish mother, that she be an empathetic and human person, who can accept adversity, face it and overcome it.

I put my son's life in your hands, mother, bless my pregnancy and bless my home so that under the roof of my ilé harmony, tranquility and good thoughts will never be lacking.

Protect my marriage so that my son can be raised with the shelter of his parents and if by chance that fate should break that union may my baby never lack his father's love and all those good concepts that make a man a person honorable.

Oshún, with each heartbeat of this new life, I will be grateful for your greatness, because you have rewarded me with the greatest happiness that exists, I promise to be worthy of so much honor.

Thank you, mother for your understanding and your love, I wish that every day of my life you guide my steps and cover me with your mantle of sunflowers so that your light illuminates me and your wise words show me the right path. 

We share prayers and rituals for protection of pregnancy and children:

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