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Ika Ejiogbe: Where a woman gives birth from scare Advice from this sign!

Pregnancy in Ika Ejiogbe

This story tells the life of a man named Ika Bemi who, thanks to an arrow, was blessed by Olofin.

Pataki: Along with Olofin's blessing comes prosperity

Ika Bemi was a person who was going through a bad time in her life so she went to the house of orunmila for this to consult.

Orula looked at him and Ifá advised him to do ebbó to prosper.

Before conducting the Ika Bemi ceremony, he had to achieve:

  • A rooster,
  • a bow and
  • an arrow.

Once he had all the elements, he traveled again to the house of the great fortune teller so that he could perform the ritual, to which he warned that he should launch the arrow into the sky in a place where there were many people.

Then Ika Bemi walked to the square and there he threw the arrow, among the crowd was Olofin's wife who was pregnant and when the arrow returned, she fell next to him, causing her immediate delivery with fright. 

When the people saw what happened, they took the man prisoner and handed him over to justice.

Following Orula's word, the destination is reached ...

When Olofin found out what happened he was very excited, because he would see his descendant for the first time after so long.

The Orisha left for the place where Ika Bemi was being held and asked to be released because this man had achieved with his arrow what the best doctors and healers in the area had not been capable of, which was for his wife to give birth.

For which he was very grateful and blessed him saying:

From now on you will be a happy man and you will never suffer any deficiencies again because you will always carry my blessing with you.

Ifá tips for the Ika Ejiogbe sign

In Ika Ejiogbe the religious must be very careful because by being overconfident he can suffer disappointments and lose prestige, fortune and friendships.

This letter speaks of the arrival of prosperity in the life of the consulted, which is obtained through the blessing of Olofin and which is specified by carrying an honest job.

  • In this odun the person is warned of the danger that pregnant women suffer from having a post-term or premature delivery.

Advice that protects the nun if she is a woman or the pregnant women of the family to protect themselves at this stage of life, where relatives are advised to avoid giving them annoyance or frightening them.

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