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In Oyekun Iroso traditions are born that we respect in the Yoruba Pantheon

In Oyekun Iroso

Oyekun Iroso is an odun where many of the traditions that we respect today within the Yoruba Pantheon.

In this sign are born the rituals that take place when performing:

  • the little one,
  • the guard of honor to the deceased,
  • funeral honors and
  • the burial.

This is a letter in which the great power of Ikú (death) is manifested, being inevitable for each living being to come to his call, as death is the deity that escorts us before the throne of Olodumare once we have fulfilled our mission on earth.

Three pieces of advice for religious:

1. In this Ifá, a missionary spirit of San Lázaro marches alongside the person.

Ailments corresponding to the joints and bones are manifested in this sign, where the fallen metatarsal and flat feet appear.

Letter in which the person complains of pain in the lower limbs.

In this Ifa, the sick person must venerate Saint Lazarus and make vigils for him every year on his eve.

In Oyekun Iroso, a missionary spirit of Saint Lazarus marches alongside the person, eggun who will be in his fundamental life, to whom a vase (vase) with plants is placed:

  • purple basil,
  • cat tail and
  • bitter broom

The religious in this sign must buy a representation of Saint Lazarus, which he will periodically baptize in holy water.

2. The man must be careful of sexual dysfunctions and infertility in Oyekun Iroso

This is an odun in which the emergence of spermatozoa speaks and with these male fertility.

In this letter, the man must take care of sexual dysfunctions and respect abrupt games and excessive weight loads so as not to suffer damage to the testicles.

Respect four-legged animals such as large dogs and horses that can hit you in your private parts and as a result of this action you will suffer serious injuries.

3. The prosperity of the home is found in the harmony between its members

In this Ifá you must have good relations with your brothers and when there is a dispute it is your duty to work on the reconciliation of the family so that the blessing of the ancestors never lacks.

Always remember that the prosperity of your home is in the harmony between its members, when there is unity under the same roof, the family cannot be defeated or disturbed by anyone at all, because The strength is in the joining.

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