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Otrupon Meyi: Where Men wished to have health and ward off evil

Otrupon Meyi disease

Strong epidemics had been unleashed on the Yoruba land.

The men and women who in this habitaThey longed to have the health and physical strength necessary to work and thus provide their children with the necessary resources, to achieve in them a decent subsistence, far from all those bodily ills that did not end, but with gravity and death. . 

Pataki where disease took hold of the Yoruba land

Tired of so many misfortunes, they left for the house of Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá, searching under his ékuele and the sound of his board the solution required to annihilate once and for all disease, famine and death on his native land.

The Oracle marked the religious holding a party where food abound, mainly meat and yams, to later bring a representation of these dishes to the foot of the hill.

Just where a house painted white was seen, because in this humble abode his misfortunes would end and his luck would begin to flourish, because in this a secret spirit lived that would feed on the offering.

Orunmila warned them that once they left the offering they could not eat the meat and, failing that, they could only feed on the entrails of the sacrificed animal.

When Orula's word is NOT fulfilled, evil does NOT move away

Within the entourage that left to deposit the offering there were several men who refused to feed on the organs and instead consumed part of the meat.

Once they had deposited the basket with food, the Eggún who lived in the little white house came out to meet him.

When he saw the outrage that the offering had suffered, he refused to receive it because he considered it impure and unworthy of his person and informed Olofin that:

The human race did not deserve to be immune to the evils that plagued them, for the spokesmen of the basket had allowed its desecration.

From that moment and out of respect for those who had sacrificed themselves, the spirit blessed part of the men, granting them some immunity in this regard, but never in their entirety.

The power of disease in the Otrupon Meyi sign:

For this reason, in the odun Otrupon Meyi the disease does not leave the earth at all, as a punishment for not fully complying with the word of Ifá through the mouth of Orunmila, its great diviner and defender.

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