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Diseases and situations from which the Orishas protect. Get to know them!

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When we have any anguish, accident, health problems or any kind of negative situation in our life, we can ask a Orisha specific to our various afflictions.

As long as faith, love and humility accompany our hearts, our requests will be attended to, the pains we bear will be alleviated and the powerful and protective mantle of the Orishas will take care of us along the way.

Eleggúa, the owner of our destiny

The Orisha Eleguá

In the case of the small giant, owner of the roads that marks the borders of two worlds with his presence, the internal, which is security and the external, which is danger, takes care of the following situations:

Afflictions from which Eleggúa protects: 

Any accident in general, quarrels, deaths from uncontrollable bleeding, and also caused by betrayals, water in the blood, pain and misery.

Oggún, the owner of iron and strength

The Orisha Oggún

He is the one who dominates all the mysteries of the mountain, but he is also the owner of iron and all metals.

It symbolizes the beginning, the beginning, the force, the violence, the impulse, the authority and the danger by iron.

He is the patron of blacksmiths, warriors, and of all those who use metal in their occupations.

Afflictions from which Oggún protects:

Fever, all kinds of operations and in general any damage caused by ferrous metals and bloody accidents.

Osun, the lookout of our heads

The Orisha Osun

He is the one who divines and guards believers and if he falls, he can announce death.

Afflictions Osun protects from:

When falling, it announces deaths or misfortunes.

Orula, the great Oracle of Ifá

orula yoruba

This Orisha represents the power of divination and is a powerful healer of all kinds of afflictions and diseases.

Orula is the soothsayer who through the word of Ifá guides all men on earth, with his advice we get rid of all kinds of osogbos, diseases and misfortunes.

Afflictions that Orunmila protects:

Insanity and mental illness.

Obatalá, the white father who protects with his mantle

Orisha Obatala

Owner of all heads and health. Father of all on earth, the one who guides our every thought. Responsible for the creation of the world, he knows everything about us and our intentions.

Orisha of great power, father of the world, with her mantle she covers us giving us health, patience and humility.

Afflictions Obbatalá protects from:

Blindness, paralysis and dementia.

Yemayá, the powerful mother of the world

Orisha Yemayá Okute

She is recognized as the greatest "Witch" in Santeria and the mother of all.

Yemayá is life, it is love, it is the fertile womb, protector of all women. The owner of the sea, of the salty waters of the currents of the world and the secrets of the ocean.

Afflictions from which Yemayá protects:

Those related to the belly of people who are injured or killed by water, fresh or salty, rain or humidity.

Aggayú Solá, the great giant of Osha

Aggayu orisha

The earthly forces belong to him, symbol of their energies, of the lava that pierces the earth's crust and earthquakes.

Protector of chargers and vehicle drivers, related to the energy of volcanoes and the earth itself. It has the ashé of nature and all its strength.

Afflictions from which Aggayú protects:

Blood pressure and fever. Also car accidents.

Shango, the king of fire and drum

The Orisha Shango

It is the orisha whose energy is reflected through thunder and lightning. His energy and power is immense in the Osha, he is a vigilante, a warrior who does not lose battles, angry and of great strength.

The story goes that he inadvertently caused a thunderstorm and lightning to fall on his palace, bringing death to his wives and children. So one day he left his kingdom and traveled to Koso where he hanged himself.

Afflictions from which Shango protects:

Burns and suicide by fire.

Oshún, the goddess of love and honey from Bees

Oshún history

Oshún is an orisha of enormous power, she is the most dire, she is not bothered in vain and she is respected. But she is also the most loving, merciful, gives everything without asking for anything.

She is the owner of the river, of the honey and its sweetness, of the sweet waters and its ashé, her power is present in the currents of its waters, the owner of yellow, gold, sunflowers and love.

The story goes that once this deity felt abhorred because the Orishas organized meetings where women were not admitted.

So he got upset and decided to leave all the women sterile and prevented the activities of the other Orishas from having positive results.

Faced with such a situation, they decided to go see Oloddumare the Supreme God and tell him that everything was very wrong on earth.

Then he asked if Oshún attended the assemblies and they answered that no, he told them that without Oshún present nothing would work because she was the one who had power over fertility.

From that moment she began to participate in such meetings and made the women fertile and all the projects were successful..

Diseases from which Oshún protects:

  • Lower belly and genital parts affections,
  • the blood,
  • the liver and
  • all kinds of bleeding.

Ibeyis, the Jimaguas of fortune and luck


They are the lesser Orishas and protectors of all children. They are the twins raised by the goddess of the sea Yemayá who saved the world from the devil with their magic little drums.

They are characterized by their cunning and intelligence, they are caregivers of infants, especially twins. They are bearers of good luck and go down the roads doing mischief and protecting.

Afflictions Ibeyis protects from:

Those of children in general, are also used to unite human beings.

Oyá, the goddess of the dead and the spark

the orisha Oyá

Oyá She is the owner of sparks, propitiates strong winds and is the caretaker of the cemetery. She owns whirlpools and hurricanes.

She is an orisha of great power, she reigns in the world of the dead, in the dark she dances with her iruke, an object of power with which she drives away evil and cleanses the path of misfortunes and enemies.

Afflictions from which it protects Oyá:

Those produced by electric shocks and strong air currents. She takes advantage of the one who is sweating to amaze him.

Obba, the queen who lives in solitude

Orisha obba

It represents repressed love, sacrifice for the being one loves and suffering.

Obba Nani symbolizes conjugal fidelity, she was the lover of Shango, the king of fire, because of him she removed one ear and was exiled for this reason, then she went to the mountains and later lived alone in the cemetery.

She is an orisha who provides a lot of protection, is sacrificed, selfless, gives her kindness and love to whoever loves her from her heart.

Afflictions Obba protects from:

Those of the bones and ears.

Yewá, the reckless death of the spirit world

Yewa history

She is the patron saint of the grave, she is always found among the sarcophagi and the corpses that are in the grave, in charge of decomposing the human body.

Her power in the world of the dead is immense, among the tombs she controls everything, her ashé and energy lives in the cemetery, she is a warrior and a death.

Afflictions Yewá protects from:

Tuberculosis and thinness.

Naná Burukú, the orisha grandmother who protects

Orisha Nana Buruku

Also known as Nanú, powerful spirituality is attributed to it since ancient times, this gives strength to the head of the individual.

His power is ancestral and his cult is full of mysteries, he lives among the lagoons and springs.

Punishments and protection of Naná Burukú:

  • Apoplexy.

According to the RAE dictionary the stroke is: Smore or less complete, and usually sudden, suspension of some brain functions, due to hemorrhage, obstruction or compression of an artery in the brain.

Babalú Ayé, the owner of the disease

Babalu aye

Babalú has the power of healing, but he is also the deity of disease, for this reason he in turn represents the cure.

He is capable of unleashing the worst epidemics, he must be treated with great respect because his cult is very powerful.

Diseases from which Babalú Ayé protects:

  • Leprosy,
  • smallpox,
  • syphilis,
  • anger,
  • gastric problems,
  • ulcers,
  • gangrene,
  • strokes,
  • paralysis,
  • erysipelas,
  • amputations and
  • all kinds of skin conditions. 

Olokún, the owner of the deep ocean

Olokun story

She is known because with her power she manages to bless her followers with health and prosperity.

Olokun not only knows the secrets of the great sea, but lives in its depths, he is the deity that from there causes the greatest natural disasters born in the ocean.

It is closely related to the orisha Yemayá, it is a provider of health, stability and balance in the heads of the religious, it should not be disturbed in vain because it has great anger, it is owed respect and love.

Afflictions Olokún protects from:

Solve the most insurmountable problems concerning health.

Inle, the doctor of the Osha

Orisha inle

He is the patron saint of doctors, fish and owner of the river. Also, hunter and fisherman. It lives on land and in water.

Inle is related to abundance, the healing of the human being and the protection of doctors, so that they can achieve their mission of healing men on earth.

It is said that he is the most beautiful orisha of the Yoruba pantheon and is represented half man and half fish.

Afflictions Inlé protects from:

All that the human being can acquire.

Osaín del Monte, the herbal healer

yoruba osain

He is the owner of nature and therefore of all herbs and plants that have magical powers (aché) and as such, he is the deity of the pharmacopoeia (art of preparing drugs).

Osain del Monte, as he is called, lives isolated obtaining knowledge in the middle of the thick mountain, he is wise and has the power of all the energy of nature and the earth, with them he heals, heals and provides protection to all men in the world. land.

Afflictions Osaín protects from:

It is capable of warding off Iku (death), perhaps that is why herbs, powders and other natural elements are used to ward it off. It also protects the ears and eyes, and from fever.

Ochosi, the warrior who does justice with a bow and arrow

oshosi yoruba

His name means that he works with witchcraft and therefore is the one who makes things happen, patron of those who have problems with justice, warrior and best of hunters.

Oggún always goes with the owner of the mountain hunting, together they are warriors who protect and provide protection to the walkers. His objects of power are the bow and arrow.

Afflictions Oshosi protects:

It protects us from insanity, from damage caused by weapons and from not being imprisoned.

  • Always remember that the Orishas will take care of us No matter what happens to us, we just have to have a lot of faith and trust that everything will work out, sooner or later the perfect plan that our Saints have for our life will be fulfilled.

Much Ashé for you!

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