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11 Teachings of Osha What you should NOT do!

Teachings of the Osha

The Yoruba Religion as an ancestral mother advises and warns her children about the importance of leading a quiet life and in harmony with all living beings that exist on the earth plane.

Precepts and teachings of the Yoruba religion:

Respect the commandments of the Yoruba Religion and following its precepts, allows us to have a healthier and more peaceful existence with our friends and enemies, this being the way to magnify religion and not miss its teachings.

1. Do no harm to anyone

The Osha teaches the importance of conducting oneself in life along the path of good, this is consecrated to seek peace and health fundamentally, through the saint spiritual advancement is obtained.

2. Do not hate or recriminate an Abure or religious brother

Once the practitioners of the Rule of Osha (Santeria) begin in their knowledge, they are part of the religious branch from which they are born, which requires unity within the temple, support between brothers and understanding which is so necessary to overcome the misfortunes that may arise on the path of existence.

3. Do not take revenge or hurt a brother

Religion exhorts to promote the forgiveness of offenses, it is strictly forbidden to take physical revenge or through spells between brothers of religion, as this constitutes a way to desecrate the Yoruba Pantheon.

4. Not envy your fellow man

Envy is a vile feeling, which hurts only the one who harbors it in his heart, getting rid of this feeling is a way of trying to be a good believer and a better human being.

5. Tell no lies

Lies lead man down a dark and lonely path, the Orishas fiercely punish liars especially those who slander others to advance in life.

6. Do not fall into bad steps, hget rid of corruptions, vices and gossip

The Orishas recommend that their children avoid excesses such as alcoholic beverages, adultery, the consumption of illicit substances such as narcotics and stay away from adultery.

They indicate focusing on the search for a better future without mediating gossip and misunderstandings because they are considered osogbos (negative energies).

7. Do not be impulsive, use intelligence consistently

It is recommended to all the religious of the world to use intelligence in the good and development, as well as to make the decisive decisions for life with a serene mind and with tranquility in order to try not to make mistakes.

8. Not betray

Betrayal is a bad counselor, African deities assure that it is a high sin to betray the person who placed their trust in another, because this action speaks of a lack of values ​​that is not part of the doctrines that govern the houses of saints.

This infamous act is punished and carries backwardness.

9. Do not steal, do not make false promises and do not curse any human being

Respect for the goods of others is essential if you want to act in good faith, unfulfilled promises bring misfortunes to the devotees because they are serious offenses to religion, in the same way are curses which bring misfortunes and drag many dire consequences on the devotees. mens.

The good religious must act with the virtue of example which is rewarded by Olofin.

10. Do not kill, rspit the lives of others

Murder is the most serious of sacrileges, only God is in charge of ending people's lives, man must fight for a better world where there is peace and healthy coexistence, to contribute in this way to evolution of humanity.

11. No cursing, yesbe grateful

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful actions that exist, we must be grateful for being alive, for being healthy, for overcoming an obstacle, for a good obtained, for the prosperity of a loved one, for having faith and being able to cling to it in the difficult moments and for many other things.

Although they are considered trifles in the eyes of fools, they are benefits that for intelligent people constitute the true riches of life.

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