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5 Teachings of Odi Iroso: DO NOT sacrifice for everyone, they will not thank you

Teachings Odi Iroso

Odi Iroso is a sign where man must be prudent and learn not to violate schedules, mainly those related to food and rest.

This is a letter where man reaps the ingratitude of those he has helped.

Is then It is necessary for the religious to learn:

  • For whom should he sacrifice and give everything and
  • for whom you should not do anything.

1. While the body sleeps the nose breathes

Rest is the moment when the body relaxes and reaches a maximum degree of well-being.

This sign says that while this phenomenon occurs, the nose continues to breathe and in this way protects the body from dying.

In Odi Iroso the person You must stay alert as well as your nose, because in the moments when you are more relaxed your enemies will take advantage of to attack you.

In this letter no loose ends or evidence that could incriminate him are left.

It is important that you learn to live distrusting even your own shadow, because in this sign betrayal does not rest until it reaches Odi Iroso.

2. One person goes blind for taking out the eyes of the other

Do good and not look at whom

This is one of the sayings that from very early ages of life are instilled in children, without knowing that this is a way of making them see that the practice of good is an act that should be professed only in this way, when really This exercise should be based on the principle of reciprocity.

In this sign orula warns the religious that their enemies will be able to sacrifice themselves in order to see you badly.

3. I got rich by my own hands

There is no greater satisfaction than being able to achieve achievements with your own effort.

In Odi Iroso the man goes through needs, making it difficult for him to achieve what he wants, but with hard work and sacrifice he gets what he wants and can afford to say that he achieved it with his own efforts.

4. He who is not in love does not know what love is

Love is one of the most debated pillars in this sign, since the religious is suspicious that the feeling can exist.

A criterion that changes when he falls in love and comes to know firsthand the true dimensions of love.

5. Sleep is the food that Olorun gives to man

In Odi Iroso it is essential that the religious learn to respect the hours, fundamentally that of sleep, because if the body does not receive adequate rest, it wears out, and can even become ill.

The night was made to sleep and thereby allow the body to relax, a phenomenon that helps the human being to free himself from the stress and emotions that he experienced during the day.

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