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5 Teachings of Ofun Meyi: Try to be happy because death does not forgive

Teachings Ofun Meyi

Ifá says: stay focused on your affairs and do not get involved in gossip, because the worst victim will be you.

Dedicate yourself to living your life to the fullest and strive for your goals.

1. He who stole a kitten from the cat will be cursed

Be selective when choosing with whom you want to start a family, so that in the future you do not regret the decision you made.

In this Ifá, no retaliation is taken against the mother of their children and the children are not made to pay for the mistakes of the parents.

Do not impose your way of being on your children, dialogue with them and learn to listen to them so that they do not leave your side.

You must be a parent loved by your descendants, a person they can trust and not the individual they see as their enemy.

2. the world is shitaña on the way, but Ikú is the goal

Ifá exhorts you to enjoy life to the fullest, because when you have fulfilled your purpose on earth and death claims you there will be no time to make up for lost time.

  • Be happy, enjoy yourself, see new places and keep taking care of your family.
  • Teach your children to give everything for those they love in life because once they leave there will be no remedy.

3. When death comes he does not accept to be persuaded with offerings

Death is a faithful servant of OlofinWhen it sends it through the soul of a person, it does not accept anything in return or modify its purpose.

This deity is characterized by impartiality, she fulfills her mission regardless of age, sex, financial situation, or religious preferences.

4. When Iku is not ready to receive a man, she sends a doctor instantly

Ofun Meyi is the sign in which the person has the ability to resurrect someone who has stopped breathing, but should not die.

In this sign, death guides the doctor to save the person, this is an Ifá of doctors and health personnel.

  • In this odun the person it does not cross the threshold into the other world until it is fulfilled.

5. He who waters the ash the fire pursues him

This is an odun where impulsiveness reigns, the person becomes violent and is rarely able to contain himself.

In this Ifá gossip is not clarified, it does not fall into rumors or act as an emissary of gossip because the person with this aggravates the problems and ends up paying the consequences of the true facts and also of what did not happen.

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