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The wisdom of Ifá in Ogbe Odi: The arrow has the virtue of not sounding

Teachings Ogbe Odi

Ogbe Odi is an Ifá where you have to make ebbó to the religious so that nothing bad happens to him.

For this reason, the person needs to carry with him a protective amulet that keeps away the osogbos and helps him attract good luck.

The religious who governs under this sign must continually perform polishing baths and attend to the Eggunes, It will only be in this way that he will be able to get ahead.

If there are minors in the house, monitor their behavior so that they do not derail and spoil their future.

The arrow has the virtue of not sounding What it means this sentence?

  • In this odun the arrow has the virtue of not sounding, a saying that makes us think that the things that happen around it will arrive without prior notice.

A successful example of this could be the behavior of your enemies, who will attack taking you by surprise, I predict that forces you to stay prepared and alert.

This phrase also describes the need for you to be silent about your actions, so that you do not put anyone on notice and your plans can be executed perfectly.

Ifá where dark drinks are respected

In Ogbe Odi, the ingestion of coffee and dark drinks is avoided, as a hex may be camouflaged inside these.

Under this letter you must keep respect for the mother, if unfortunately your mother is no longer in this world you must pay tribute to her spirit and memory by performing blessed actions.

Do you know the protective Orishas of Ogbe Odi?

You must listen carefully to the advice that he gives you Obatala, Greater Orisha and patron saint in this sign.

Commit yourself to him to firmly achieve your goals and pray for his intercession in life's difficult times.

In Ogbe Odi Yemayá the Orisha owner of the sea He gives many tests to the religious and without using words he recomposes everything that has been decomposed, because like Obatalá he is a protective deity.

Earn Your Merits Through Your Own Efforts: Tips

  • Do not entrust your luck to anyone and earn your merits with your own effort.
  • Do not give your trust to just anyone, as this is a very fragile gift that is the cause of great disappointment.
  • You must be selective when choosing your life partner because in this sign you are haunted by betrayal.
  • Take care of your conduct and your words, since false testimonies will be raised on multiple occasions.

Other tips and stories of the sign:

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