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3 Teachings of Oyekun Ika: Avoid trouble, do not bring misfortune

Oyekun Ika Teachings

The duel between men is born in this sign, where funeral honors are rendered to the deceased and they are escorted to the cemetery.

This is an Ifá of fights, where the person is continually provoked by the enemy in order to get him out of his mind.

You must avoid problems, because conflicts will only bring misfortune to your life.

Be selective with your circle of friends, it is this odun bad company derail the person from the right path.

Three teachings of the Odun of Ifá Oyekun Ika for the religious

1. You are an envied person since the day you were born

In Oyekun Ika man cannot fall into vices or he will get lost in them.

Keep in mind that you are envied from the day of your birth, your enemies envy you even your partner, be careful product of a misunderstanding with a background of cheating and bad intentions you do not lose your marital stability.

No one can live under his roof who does not carry his blood because he will betray him.

2. You must learn the religion because you will live from the stone trade

Advice for the religious:

  • Do not get wet with rainwater because it will be delayed.
  • This is an Ifá of work where the person must sacrifice himself to obtain what he wants.
  • In this odun no illegalities are committed because there is a risk of losing freedom.

You must learn the religion because in the future you will live from the stone trade, Orunmila says that there is a religious people waiting for you at the door of your house, do not refuse when they look for you to work religion, because the Orishas through this action will send you their blessings.

You were born to be a king within the religion and if you put your mind to it, you will become an oba or Ifá priest.

3. It is better to have little and be happy than to live in abundance under suffering

Ifá says that:

You must learn to settle for what you have, it is better to have little and be happy than to live in abundance under suffering.

The fewer people you reveal your plans to, the more solid your plans will become.

This is a letter where the enemy is on the trail of the person, so you:

  • You shouldn't walk alone late at night,
  • should not always travel the same paths,
  • you can't lend your clothes,
  • nor announce their presence in any place with extreme anticipation so that the osogbo (problems) does not reach you.

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