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Do you believe that it is possible to Love and Forgive our Enemies?

It is possible to love our enemies

The enemies We always visualize them as people who wholeheartedly want to cause us great pain and sadness in our lives, but looking on the positive side, the role of these people is even more important.

I once read something that marked my way of perceiving the so-called "enemies" and that is that absolutely all the people who pass our way in one way or another are excellent teachers of life.

Each person teaches us something important in this life!

It is true that sometimes learning comes through misery, pain and the great damage that they cause to our spirit, but we all also know that everything happens for something.

Some teaching always leaves us with this type of situation, in which from a crisis and a great chaos we grow with more momentum than we would have been able to do in circumstances of happiness and tranquility.

And yes, it is proven that chaos is the only one that achieves great interior and exterior changes, sometimes in these cases we have to to thank our great friends “the enemies”.

Let's not just see the straw in someone else's eye ...

The important thing is to learn, to take the route of people who try to harm us as a process of wisdom and learning, being aware that we always have something to blame and not only they are a straw in the other's eye.

Sometimes we are also harmful and conflictive, toxic, and we are our own enemies in a world at peace, it is in us the ability to discover the battles that are fought within us and analyze them, to understand where the true enemy is hiding.

Making amends sets us free!

Then you can make peace, look in the mirror and understand that our enemies are the projection of ourselves, an internal enemy that only expresses a total darkness towards the outside.

However, if we believe that a person really hinders, daña, envy... remember that in this life everything has to be paid for, and we cannot go through life doing justice, for this there is God.

Let our being move away from enemies, whether internal or external, we must forgive them, let them go, and allow the learning that we have obtained from them to make us grow spiritually and mentally, because:

It is not what happens that defines us,

but what we decide to be while it happens.

So ... is it possible to love our enemies?

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