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Who is the Deity Ashikuelu? The Eshu de Ifá that guides the Eggunes

eshu ashikuelu

ashikuelu is the deity that governs the underworld, being in charge of guiding the Eggunes to the land of the dead, known in the Yoruba Religion under the name of ara un.

It is an Orisha belonging to the Sacred Rule of Ifá being in turn a saint that only the priests of Ifá receive, being strictly prohibited that under its doctrine women are sworn.

How is this Deity represented?

This is represented by a wooden doll that has two heads, which is supported on a cane that serves as a support as its figure presents some dimorphisms typical of its person, same features that make it particularly distinguishable from other African deities.

To Ashikuelu belong all the minerals and the properties derived from them.

He is a holy connoisseur of much of the secrets that are hidden in the entrances.añas of the earth, which he uses for the benefit of his protégés and thanks to whom his power is nourished.

It is a deity to which respect and devotion are due, since it does not admit to being disturbed in vain, it is frequently associated with the absence of sunlight, it is believed that on the days when the Babalawos perform ceremonies under its blessing the sun sets in the sky.

Ashikuelu was blessed with the virtue of Olodumare.

Olodumare blessed him by making him a participant in the greatest work that has happened throughout all time, as this Orisha was closely related to the creation of the universe.

In the same way that it is linked to spirituality and the energy that is released when souls leave their earthly captivity.

In it lies the pact of the ancestral spirits and of the souls that return from beyond to settle pending accounts with the living.

Various animals are immolated to his figure, among these we find the goat, the ram, the jicotea, the rooster, the guinea fowl, the chicken and the gray hens to name a few examples.

The avenger of injustices against the innocent: eshu ashikuelu

Ashikuelu is a righteous deity so he comes before him to avenge injustices and nefarious acts committed against the innocent, people whom he protects.

His presence is essential in the performance of the Itutos, sacred ceremonies in which the souls of the religious say goodbye before they set out on their way to Ara Oru, being precisely this saint who guides them during their long pilgrimage journey until they reach the foot of Olofin the king of kings.

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