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10 Eshú-Eleguá who came down accompaniedañaBringing the Orishas to earth

Eshu Eleguá Orishas

In Ifa practice The Eshú are made in various ways depending on their path, for example, materials such as cement or wood can be used, including cedar, ayúa, ebony and many more.

These representations are always hollowed out because their sacred cargo goes inside, they will also be adorned with beads, feathers, snails, depending on the religious path of the deity.

Respective Eshú of each of the Orishas when descending to earth:

Yoruba legend tells that Olofin advised all the Orishas that they should go down to earth to continue the creation accompaniedañatwo of their respective Eshú-Eleguá delivered by him.

The reason was that Elegguá would be of great use to them because he would be their guide, messenger and slave.

For this reason it was vital that each one of the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon He will rely on his Elegguá to fully execute the projects dictated by the creator Olofin.

Let's see below 10 of the orishas that were entrusted by Olofin to carry their Eshú Eleguá.

1. Oshosi, the vigilante hunter of the Osha:

  • This orisha came down together with Eshu Ajamu, transformed into Oshe Kana.

This Eshú usually lives with Oshosi, he is made of dough (with cement) and has a humanoid face.

Within its load it usually carries:

  • Gold and silver,
  • coral and jet,
  • seven herbs,
  • tiger Leather,
  • sticks, etc.

2. Obbatalá, the father of men on earth:

  • The father orisha went down together with Eshu Agbade transformed into Oshe Fun.

This Eshú is a mountain stoneaña that is not loaded. It should be washed with the peregún plant (Dracaena Vand.ex L) and atiponlá (Boerhavia Erecta).

Its base is a large open snail, with eyes and mouth of snails, it also has Orunmila and jet beads.

3. Shangó, the owner of the candle and the dance:

  • The fire lord Shangó came down together with Eshu Eluasama transformed into Okana Meyi.

It is said that this Elegguá is very bad and lives under a sugar hill, only when you feed him is that you look at him.

Characteristics of Eshu eluasama:

  • His eyes and mouth are snail.
  • On the back it is lined with 101 snails and on the front there is a fence of red and black beads.
  • It also has a silver chain.

To this Elegguá on Mondays you should add butter (etá).

4. Babalú Ayé, the lord of diseases:

  • The Babalu deity came down together with Eshu Awo Ikogusi, transformed into Obara Tura.

This Elegguá came to earth accompaniedañado of Olúopopó (name given to Babalú Ayé when they make Ifá).

Characteristics Eshu Awo Ikogusi:

  • It is mounted on porous or reef stone and must be high.
  • It must be washed first with omiero (sacred prayer waters), then with brandy three times and then with dry wine three times.
  • In his load he carries a variety of grains, hutia and smoked fish, roasted corn, seven sticks, 21 herbs, etc.

5. Nana Burukú, the great Yoruba grandmother:

  • The deity Nana Burukú came down together with Eshu Itoki transformed into Oyekun Wori.

This Eshu came to the world together with Nana Burukú, his load contains many ingredients, among them:

  • Different kinds of colors of precipitate powders, also gold and silver powders,
  • leather of majá,
  • turtle shell,
  • three Coins,
  • foods such as corn flour, rice, sugar, salt,
  • various sticks, etc.

6. Oshumare, who gives peace to the earth:

  • It was Oshumare who went down together with Eshu Emere, transformed into Ogbe Yeku.

This Elegguá is lined with beads and snails, inside its load it carries ingredients such as:

  • Earth of different types,
  • powders made from the heads of animals,
  • among other items.

7. Osain, deity of the mountain and herbs:

  • The orisha healer Osain went down together with Eshu Liare, transformed into Oshe Niwo.

This Eshú is mounted on a stone of the goddess oshun and in its load it carries several ingredients such as:

  • seven kinds of land,
  • wonder plant seeds,
  • ori (butter),
  • silver and copper,
  • strong sticks and tree roots, etc.

8. Iroko, Orisha who guards the ceiba tree:

  • The great Iroko went down together with Eshu Gold Igu Enigbo, transformed into Ojuani She.

This Elegguá is made of dough and is lined with 16 snails (8 on each side).

Within its load it usually carries:

  • Gold and silver,
  • quicksilver,
  • plants like the water flower, cedar, siguaraya, curujey, and more elements.

9. Oshun, the golden queen of the river:

  • The goddess of honey Oshun came down together with Eshu Agbiri, transformed into Oshe Tura.

This Elegguá lives in Oshun; for this he looks for a small stone of the queen of fresh waters.

The load of Eshu Agbiri can carry:

  • Hooks,
  • herbs of Elegguá and Oshun,
  • gold, bronze and silver,
  • soil, root and bud of caña brava, and other ingredients.

10. Eggun, the spirits of the ancestors:

The Egunnes went down together with:

  • Eshu Bogde, transformed into Oyekun Meyi and
  • eshu ldena, transformed into Odi Meji.

• Eshu Bole- Oyekun Meyi

He is Eggun's guard and lives withañagoing to Orun.

For its elaboration You must look for a mirror, on which you pour the paste of the load that usually carries land from different places, strong sticks, tree roots, Ozain and Eggun herbs, and marigold seeds.

  • It carries three feathers (juju) of tiñosa (alakasó) on its head blades.
  • His eyes and mouth are snails, but the other way around.

• Eshu Idena- Odi Meyi

This Elegguá is lined with 48 snails.

In his cargo he usually carries several items, including:

  • Elegguá herbs and various sticks,
  • small black and white sea stones,
  • land,
  • gold and silver, among others.

We must bear in mind that in this article not all the ingredients or elements that carry Eshú's loads are completely listed out of respect for the secrets of our Yoruba religion. 

  • If you want to know more about the Osha, Eleggua and other religious topics, you can find more content below on this page, blessings for you.

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