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In Ika Ejiogbe, evil tormented Eshú and the presence of Ifá saved him

Eshú in Ika Ejiogbe

At night Eshú could not sleepRest was a luxury that the young Orisha could not achieve, because when he closed his eyes he began to feel negative presences inside his home that disturbed him, preventing him from even resting in bed.     

Evil every night found fun in upsetting him, provoking in him the feeling of overwhelm fostered by the presence of visions, the whispering of voices, and the haunting manifestation of shadows through his window.

Pataki where Eshú was able to ward off disturbances thanks to Orula

Eshú's house was provided with the shade coming from a laurel plant, under which the Orisha sat to meditate on his sorrow.

But as night fell the disturbances returned and he was forced to leave his bed, turn on all the lights and close his windows one by one, which were left without security when evil penetrated inside his house.

One day, tired of so much suffering, he left for the house of orunmila to fix the situation that tormented him so much.

Orula consulted him by marking the sign Ika Ejiogbe, through which the Orisha suggested the realization of an ebbó, which among so many ingredients required the search for numerous herbs such as:

  • The laurel,
  • the Atiponlá,
  • purslane and
  • the cotton.

Eshú made ebbó and envy left its home

Once Eshú obtained all the required elements, the Ifá oracle traveled to his house to propitiate the ceremony where they would expel at once and for all the evil that disturbed him so much.

Orula took the herbs and began to work them, after praying them and applying some ceremonies to them, she indicated to Eshú that:

He placed them at the head of his bed, in order to definitively drive away all existing disturbances.

Then the soothsayer indicated a bath with an omiero made from the same herbs used in the previous ceremony and cleaned the home.

Since that night, evil never again bothered Eshu and he was able to rest peacefully without being forced to leave his bed again at night.

The evil continued to haunt the house of the Orisha because it envied him and this was the real reason why it bothered him, but when he was tempted to enter, he recognized the presence of Ifá through the Orunmila ebbó and ran away without further ado.

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