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Eshú and Eleguá, link between the positive and the negative

Eshu Elegua

Eshu He is a deity of the Yoruba religion, respected and often feared by some, he is the one who governs the manifestations of the malevolent.

There is no santero in Cuba who does not say that esu It is necessary to know how to revere it, and that for the benevolent to manifest itself, it is necessary to take evil into account, and take precautions to avoid it.

And it is that this deity represents misfortunes when we are not in tune or balance with what surrounds us.

Yoruba Pataki say that Eshu he spends his time cheating and engaña to the Orishas and men. It is the exclusive power of the Babalawos, who carry, deliver and consecrate it with various elements of nature.

Eshú and Eleguá, different powers

Elegua and Eshú It is a particular representation in the Yoruba religion, of that constant link between the positive and the negative, of the action-reaction.

There is no problem without an answer, there is no crisis without a solution, this is how this couple of energy manifests itself.

It is said that when a home is protected it is because it hasabita Elegua and when it has problems, it is that it has entered Eshu, since its objective is to reach chaos so that later the balance is achieved.

Who is Eshú? Energy balances

Eshu It is a deity, and is usually represented as a humanoid-shaped mass of cement whose eyes, ears and mouth are represented by snails. They cannot be manufactured by women.

Most of the Oshas and Orishas are accompanied byañar for a specific Eshú, which as we explained before, is the way to maintain balance. Eshu comes from the lands of Ifá.

Eleguá for his part, is an Osha and is the first protection of an individual. He belongs to the Land of Los Oloshas and is the guide, the one who opens the roads and is symbolized by the rocks.

He generally lives behind the door and is necessary to have him in different situations in life.

However, the issue of perceiving Eshú and Eleguá as a single deity has been highly debated in the Yoruba religion.

The conclusions indicate that Eleguá is a Deity, a Divinity, and Eshu it is an Entity.

But with their energy, both fulfill tasks for the Divinities, Eleguá works as a Messenger and Eshu It is the Watcher of the fulfillment of the destiny chosen by the habitabefore the Earth.

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