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Pataki where Eshú saved Olodumare Be good and you will be rewarded!

Eshú and Olodumare

Olodumare, the supreme Orisha He lived in harmony with humanity, from his palace he attended to the requests of men and deities who came before him demanding justice.

Despite his advanced years, Olodumare continued to be as efficient in the performance of his duties as in his early years.

His accumulated experience in conflict resolution allowed him to make decisions with impressive agility, even occupying his mind on several issues at once.

Faculty that aroused the envy of his children who wanted to take his place and gain the merits harvested by their father.

Yoruba history where the children of Olodumare wanted to take their place

Tricked into satisfying their company, they met to find a strategy that would allow them to achieve their goal.

The mice would be the key to destroy the old man, because when scared he would run away or in the best of cases he would lose his life due to a heart attack.

After finalizing all the details of such a horrible plan, the Orishas presented themselves with cages full of mice and began to distribute them throughout the house, then they summoned Olodumare under the pretext of discussing an important matter.

Upon the father's arrival, all the Orishas took up their positions, releasing the mice from their cages.

Only Eshu protected his father from the evil of his children

Eshu Those who witnessed what happened saw the terror in their father's eyes and feared for his life.

He pounced on him to calm his fear, expressing that no mouse could do anything to him.

The owner of the roads took advantage of the mice and one by one he gobbled them up with voracious hunger, until he left the house free of pests.

Annoyed Olodumare turned panic into anger and demanded to know who was responsible for the event.

Intuitively, he was taking each of his children out of the hiding place in which they took shelter and applying severe punishment to them that corresponded to the scale of their actions.

Olodumare awarded Elegguá with his request

Finally, the Orisha sent for Elegguá, asking him what he wanted in return for his courage.

He replied that he did not need any prize, because saving his father's life was his duty.

Olodumare, pleased, listened carefully to his son's words and repeated the question again.

Then Eshú referred to wanting to have free will over his actions, without limits or restrictions on his wishes, a request that was granted to the least of the Orishas.

Olodumare is the supreme deity of the Yoruba pantheon, he is unique and irreplaceable, since no other Orisha would be able to perform in his position without the result obtained being chaos.

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