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Eshu: My friend is the one who respects me and my enemy is the one who challenges me

Esu Yoruba

Eshu is the divinity which serves as a dynamic balance of earthly and astral existence, this deity is in charge of keeping good and evil at bay.

How does Eshu manifest his power in the Yoruba Religion?

It is Eshu who is in charge of opening and closing the roads as he pleases.

He acts on the parameters of chaos when he offers advice to man that is not duly listened to, since nothing infuriates this deity more than disobedience.

Eshu states that there is no treasure greater than time.

As a deity, he puts man to the test so that he pays his debt to humanity and recognizes his mistakes, since pride is the door that leads man to the perdition of the ego.

He puts misfortunes and obstacles in the way of the religious to test their faith and to know if the religious really comes to his feet to honor him or out of pure interest.

This divinity demands respect and to obtain his favors sacrifices must be made, since he does not give his blessings to any human being without them being aware of what they cost spiritually.

Eshu digs into the hearts of human beings to see what is inside, if he finds goodness he fills them with blessings and if he finds evil he punishes them until they learn the lesson.

In the Yoruba religion Eshu is usually presented as a child, a warrior, a fortune teller, a thief or a gentleman depending on his own whim, this deity often scares night owls and drunks.

Eshu: Deity who deserves immense respect

His most popular phrase is:

My friend is the one who respects me and my enemy is the one who challenges me.

Therefore, respect is owed to this saint, the religious who does not want to respect his advice is better not to bother him to ask for it.

Eshu is one of the deities that has the widest cult in Cuba and in the world, this is one of the first deities that the religious receives when beginning within the practices of the Yoruba religion.

Plants that represent Eshu in the Rule of Osha Ifá:

Your foundation plant is fine grass, also use:

  • pigweed white,
  • the carob tree,
  • FIG,
  • the vine,
  • the Curujey,
  • the name,
  • guava and
  • he opens the way.

These herbs are essential in the creation of the omieros that are made for their own birth, consecration of necklaces, attributes, home cleaning and purification baths.

Learn more about the power of Eshu in the Osha:

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