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The Nuns: Beings of light that give spiritual protection to the home

Nuns protective spirit

The souls of the nuns once they complete their service and pilgrimage on the earth plane, they become part of the spirituality that accompaniesaña to many human beings.

These entities that due to their work of blessedness and direct surrender to God obtained great spiritual development, approach mortals in order to promote tranquility and conformity in calamities.

The nuns offer special protection over the sick and the personnel who assist them.

The mediums They report having noticed its presence with greater intensity in:

  • hospitals,
  • places of prayer and
  • shelters for children without protection and the elderly.

How to invoke these spirits?

The rosary of the nuns

These spirits are invoked making use of prayer for being a holy language that saves and evokes the powerful forces of good, expelling evil quickly and permanently.

In difficult and desperate moments, these entities come to the aid of those in need, offering them protection, serenity and strength.

The rosary It is one of the material representations with which a close bond is established with the nuns, this constitutes a talisman of great power for those who carry it.

It is common to observe them hanging from the head of the bed as this guarantees rest and proper sleep.

Offerings and performances for these spiritual protections.

These spirits are represented by statues of immaculate nuns as Saint Therese of Jesus.

These figures are offered candles, incense and flowers, especially white ones, although they can be placed in different shades.

The spirits of the nuns pay particular attention to the homes, fostering harmony among family members.

In order to bring these entities closer to each other, polishing baths and purification cleansings are indicated with holy water, a sacred liquid that spills the virtue of God on the dwelling.

These protections are often described in the form of commissions, although they can be found individually, crucifixes and communion items are other materials used to identify them.

The best way to become attached to these spirits is through the practices of good and love of neighbor, since only selflessness and altruism will be able to achieve protection under the cloak of the nuns and their benefit.

What day should this protective spirit be attended to?

Sunday is the best day of the week to attend to these entities because it is a day that keeps special spirituality and connection with the astral world.

This is not only the first day of the week, it is also the best time to honor God.

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