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10 Ways to Identify a Good Spirit from a Bad Spirit: Their Differences

Good and bad spirits

Mercy and goodwill they are key features of purified spirits; these spirits never detest neither men nor other spirits; They empathize with defects, condemn mistakes, but they will do so with moderation, without rejection or hostility.

Good spirits will only want to do good, but if that spirit that appears comes with manifestations such as lack of good will or arrogance, of course it is not a good spirit nor does it sincerely want to help us.

Nor can we be carried away by certain characteristics, for example, a spirit that when it animated meat (was alive) was an intelligent, studied and literate person is not necessarily a good being, because, although it had intelligence, it could have a very bad morality.

On the contrary, perhaps a benevolent spirit had limited knowledge in life and is not bad for that, especially when it cannot give us an answer.

How can I know if a Spirit is good or bad?

In reality, there are many differences between good and bad spirits, and it is necessary and important to know how to identify them if you have the gift of observing them, that they appear to you alone or speak into your ear.

1. Identify them by their way of proceeding

Depending on how they act like this will be their feelings and the warnings or advice that will encourage you. You must be aware of the signs.

2. The way they speak and respond tells us a lot about them

Good spirits, if they do not know what you ask them, will be silent or tell you that they do not know, while evil spirits, even if they do not know, will speak lies, especially when they do not know the answer.

3. The precision of the facts

Many evil spirits come with lies and easy to tell you what the future holds, they even give you dates and times.

On the other hand, good spirits can predict and alert you on the path of life, but they do not specify exact dates and times of events.

4. A good being does not impose his advice

Good spirits never order, or oblige, and if you don't pay attention to them they will leave.

The evil spirits will do the opposite because they will try to impose their truth and they will want you to believe in them with blind and absolute faith no matter what, they do not like at all to be contradicted.

5. Arrogant spirits come to confuse us

Good spirits do not usually flatter at all, if you do good they will agree, but without being exaggerated like evil spirits that encourage personal arrogance.

6. You must pay attention to the advice

If you are in the presence of a spirit that you do not know, you must take into account its advice in a very intuitive way.

If you perceive that these tips are not reasonable at all and are suspicious, you must understand that an evil spirit came to disturb your mind.

7. A dark being will always disturb your mind

Good spirits will always make the contradictions and problems of destiny resolved and will advocate for mercy and forgiveness.

On the other hand, evil spirits will not sweeten the problem, on the contrary, they will add fuel to the fire and it will be worse later, as they tend to complicate situations.

8. Misleading advice is not issued by a being of light

If you are presented with a spirit whose advice lacks common sense, then it is not a good being, but rather it will be trying to deceive you.añarte for you to do the opposite and go astray.

9. Always speak to your spirits from the heart

A good spirit will always respond to the language that comes from your heart, and by calling it as when it lived, it will feel enlightened and cared for. The simplest attentions will suffice.

An evil spirit will like you to speak to it with a refined, elaborate language and exalting it at all times, even conferring titles that it did not have on earth.

10. Be patient and wait for the spirits of light

Good spirits may take time to manifest themselves, so you must be patient.

These beings of light may want more prayers or attention, but they will always come to your side with humility and love.

Dark or evil beings, on the other hand, sometimes appear without you dedicating even an Our Father, showing off their knowledge and superiority.

From my knowledge here I left you 10 ways to be able to identify a good spirit from a bad one, but remember that, just as we judge the living and the dead, we must know how to judge ourselves.

It may be that the bad for me is good for you or vice versa, but we must ourselves be able to differentiate the right from the wrong, the good from the bad and always maintain a spiritual and moral rectitude.

We must always surrender worship all our ancestors and spirits who assist us, acknowledge his protection and offer him our prayers with love and great faith.

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