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Worship of indigenous protections in the Rule of Osha

Indigenous spirits

Indian spirits they are zealous protectors of home and family. These guardians ensure the safety of all members of the household, especially influencing the children and the head of the family.

How to represent these spirits?

Indian spirits

Indigenous protections They are frequently represented in clay figures or wood carvings that are usually placed in front of the doors of homes in order to guard the entrance of the dwelling, guarding the access of malicious people and evil forces.

These representations can be reinforced:

  1. Carrying out animal sacrifices and placing powerful animal skins and feathers on it.
  2. Blowing tobacco smoke is another way of empowering them because this element is the vehicle that once allowed them to communicate with their ancestors, at the same time that it was used to honor their deities.
  3. Some religious houses have the doctrine of offering various liquors directly before the figure, among which the distillates from the caña of sugar and others based on the fermentation of fresh fruits.

To indigenous protections What offers are made to you?

To these beings various foods are offered as an offering such as cassava to cite some of these, this food is offered cooked, being vital that it is not añaadd salt to your cooking.

The cassava is made with this food, a food that has been consumed by native peoples since ancient times.

  • Casabe is nothing more than a kind of cookie that is used to eat stuffed with vegetables or meat depending on taste.

The fruits they are ideal attributes with which indigenous protections can be honored.

Among the fruits of choice to carry out this task we can mention pineapple and mangoes.

For prosperity:

When the religious wishes to seek development, he places a hand of Indian bananas in front of the representation, which he must tie with a red strap.

Precious metals and coins are also often affixed to them in order to attract abundance and prosperity.

To face conflicts:

If it is going through judicial problems or conflicts of another nature, defense weapons such as spears, arrows and axes are placed at the representation.

In this way the entity is spiritually armed to carry out the combat spiritually.

Sunflowers are the favorite flowers of the IndiansAccording to the old legends related by shamans, these flowers have great energy value, as they absorb the sun's rays, impregnated with the force and heat offered by the star king.

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