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To the Indian Spirits: Attributes and Offerings to pay homage

Indian spirits

Indian spirits they are zealous protectors of home and family.

Throughout the ages, man has paid tribute to them for their millennial existence full of pacts with nature and supernatural forces from which they historically obtained power.

These entities are wise connoisseurs of the secrets of plants, wind and messenger animals, which they used in order to communicate with their deities.

The sun is for these tribes a symbol of power and greatness, for this reason man can communicate with his ancestors through it, in the same way that he does by offering tributes to their representations.

The plume of feathers.

Feather plume

It is known under the name of plume of feathers to the adornment used by many indigenous indigenous tribes that established a certain hierarchy among their settlers.

To this, as its name indicates, feathers of various colors from different animal species dangled many of these considered hunting trophies.

Other of these adornments were obtained after winning in great combats or by hierarchical succession.

The plume of feathers means to the Indianss power and leadership, as it was only permanently carried by the chief while the healer used it in the performance of ceremonies, which establishes supernatural powers to the plume.

This tribute brings spiritual strength to the indigenous representation.

The cooked cassava.

Yucca offerings Indian spirits

Cassava is the preferred tuber of the Indian spirits, to pay homage to him the cassava is cooked to which he should not añatell him salt

Once it is at its point, it is served in front of its representations.

Cassava is also made with cassava, which is a kind of cake, which was consumed and combined with vegetables by the original tribes.

The sunflowers.

Yucca offerings Indian spirits

The sunflowers they are the flowers that are placed on these entities par excellence.

They keep the secret of the sun and its energy, thus allowing the spirits to stay in close contact with nature, which is the source of their true power.

The bow, the arrow and the ax.

Indian bow and arrow

The bow, the arrow and the ax They are instruments of defense and subsistence, with these the Indians fought combats while obtaining sources of heat and food thanks to their help.

At present these elements are placed in the indigenous representations that warfare spiritually.

When the religious has problems with an enemy, he must stick his name in one of the aforementioned weapons, with this action he is making official delivery of the problem to the spirit who will be in charge of settling accounts.

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