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5 Ancestral Yoruba Spirits: Beings from another world that protect us

Yoruba spirits

Since yesteryear spirits have played a decisive role within the Yoruba religion.

These constitute the foundations of each work, ceremony and holy house in Cuba, without their license no ritual can be developed and their condition as beings from another world allows them to intercede for their protégés and carry their messages to the highest levels in the world. the hierarchy of the Orishas.

Emi: The spirit of life

Life and death are essential in the correct development of the world, both are counterparts of the same game in which the main objective to achieve is to maintain balance on the earth plane.

The spirit of life named Emi, was designated by Olodumare to make all kinds of existences germinate on earth and make them flourish and thus reach their maximum splendor.

Olori: the entity of thought

In thought, feelings, creativity and explicit and implicit ideas arise related to the future of human life.

Olori is the entity responsible for the thought and the capacity for analysis to touch each one of the minds of the religious and with this virtue, man is allowed to make bigger and better decisions.

Okan: The spirit of the vital fluid

Vitality is what keeps man on his feet.

Okan, the guardian of this invisible fluid, endows each human being with a portion of said elixir at birth or after a terrible illness where the person requires some blessings to heal.

ipin: The Family Guiding Spirit

Ipin was the soul appointed by Olodumare to instruct the family guide.

This spirit receives the person who was the head of the family in life.

And at that precise moment when his soul has ascended to heaven, he asks if he wishes to return to earth in his same ethereal condition to continue caring for his loved ones, but this time from an astral plane.

The spirit that accompaniesaña to the death

The spirit that attends and accompaniesaña to death he has the mission of accompanimentañara Ikú in all his missions.

Being the main thing to communicate to living beings the end of their earthly existence, leading them safely to the gates of heaven, so that their destiny cannot be misrepresented.

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