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Staurolite, the curious cross-shaped stone and its spiritual uses

Staurolite uses

Staurolite it is recognized as a very unusual and expressive stone.

It is a combination of two minerals: aluminum and iron ore, but the fusion of the crystals of these two materials always occurs in the shape of a cross.

Due to its curious shape, there are numerous legends about the emergence of this curious stone.

One such story indicates that:

Several young fairies were walking around a clean fountain, when they met an elf who was very sad.

He told the fairies a story about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which made the young women cry bitterly.

It is believed that his tears fell on a large stone and formed the crosses of the story that the elf told them in the molten minerals.

That is why staurolite is considered a symbol of pain, of religion and faith, of pure and sincere tears.

La Staurolite How to recognize it?

Photo taken from Geologiaweb

Staurolite is a stone that, in most cases, the color of the stone resembles the color of iron, but there are variants with all shades of red.

There are also some varieties of this mineral that are similar to the luster of glass. Staurolite stones are found in Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Brazil, and the United States, and their color varies by locality.

The rarer cruciform species are said to be found in western Austria or the eastern part of the Czech Republic, while the more complex hexagonal types are found in the United States of America.

The meaning of the name of these stones, comes from the Greek word Stauros, Meaning cross.

  • They are also known as fairy stones or fairy crosses.

They do not always form clear crosses, but their natural design varies with similar forms.

Its shape is usually found in three variations:

  • A small growth with no definite shape
  • With crystal in the shape of a cross
  • Hexagonal star shape

Healing and energetic properties associated with Staurolite

This natural material has been the fruit of legends and numerous myths since its discovery, which is why it has been considered magical and is used in many nations as a talisman against the forces of evil.

Staurolite is also considered an amulet to attract all the good things in the world.

However, in addition to the magical properties of the stone, it can also be used to cure some painful conditions.

How does this stone help us in our health?

In the field of lithotherapy, which is a health therapy that mainly uses natural stones and minerals to balance our body, it is said that staurolite:

  • Helps relax bronchospasms and reduces coughing attacks
  • Also, it can improve blood circulation and metabolism
  • Has a sedative effect
  • The energetic properties of the stone relax the environment and create a feeling of peace, which, according to several experts, helps the immune system to cope with diseases.
  • Those same benefits also help relieve a person from insomnia.
  • They have a calming energy that helps relieve stress, anxiety and fear
  • It is said that to relieve a sick person, it is necessary to put a staurolite next to the bed

For these purposes, today there are crafts and decorations made of staurolite.

Many can be an amulet worn with a religious background that is worn on houses in place of a cross, or an accessory for a particular zodiac sign.

As staurolite itself is quite beautiful, decorative items made from it are very popular, which is why many people keep this beautiful stone at home.

Stones of faith and spirituality What is its spiritual significance?

Staurolite is directly associated with Jesus Christ and therefore many are the faithful who keep it in their homes.

It is believed that the stone helps and favors all those who follow the same path and therefore medical workers, volunteers, teachers and educators, as well as social workers, are recommended to possess one of these stones as an amulet.

Staurolite stones They are known as fairy stones or as the Fairy Cross because, according to legends, they have an energy that will help us make contact with beings from the natural world.

Using staurolite stones is beneficial in helping us feel more connected to the earth and the powers of the natural environment.

In fact, this stone is said to allow us a connection with the earth's own electromagnetic field.

Having it as an amulet helps us to:

  • Feel safer and protected from any damage.
  • Balance our inner harmony.
  • Find lost objects and make better use of our time.
  • Undertake our plans and projects and pursue our goals and dreams, as it brings powerful positive energy.

Legend has it that, if we have a stone at home, we will be aware of the fairies, the spirits of nature and the beings that surround the space in which we live.

How to use staurolite to get its spiritual benefits?

Staurolite stones have numerous forms of use that enhance spirituality and all positive energy of the physical space where they are located. For example:

  • We can place them under the pillow to induce lucid dreaming, or to help with astral travel.
  • They also help us to "see" psychically, a gift that is commonly known as clairvoyance or psychic visions.
  • Like most crystals, these stones are also excellent for enhancing meditation and prayers.
  • They will not allow bad energies to get in the way of our rituals, or the prayers we perform.
  • If we combine it with other stones, such as Merlinit or Amethyst, it will help us cleanse the environment of all bad energy and attract the blessings of luck, peace, well-being, health and prosperity to our home.

Other protective amulets that protect us from bad energies:

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