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The Mat, main pillar in the Yoruba Religion ≫ Uses and meaning

Santeria mat

La Estera It is an element of great importance in the Yoruba Religion, its presence is essential in the Osha ceremonies and in the Ifá room.

Throughout the ages this ritual object has been used in various ways, its presence symbolizes the stability that the religious will seek before the Orishas, ​​this object stands as the incarnation of the foundations of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Thanks to this, the first Yoruba found shelter for rest and shelter against the cold that hit them, for this reason it is considered an ancient element and it is due respect, being strictly forbidden to step on it with footwear, as this is considered a lack of respect to religion.

The mat is an essential element in the Yoruba Religion

Mat It is the floor of the throne of the Orishas, ​​also becoming part of the house of the iyawo During the seven days of the saint, on this, the initiate in Santeria will perform his ceremonies, will dine and sleep uninterruptedly.

Once the iyawó leaves the saint's room seven days after having rested his Osha, he must eat obligatorily on the mat during the first three months of his Iyaworaje, a period of his life that ends when one year and seven days have passed. been consecrated in Santeria.

Uses of this Sacred element in Santeria

The mat is the conducive means for celebrating the Itá of the saint, addimus are placed on the Orishas and the delivery of the necklaces or elekes to the devotees takes place, a ceremony that is considered the half seat of the saint.

On the Yoruba mat the santeros and priests of Ifá greet the Orishas and perform their prayers, at the same time that the deities can rest on it.

The mat is the material element It is used in Osha to establish direct contact between the religious and the earth, a natural element on which we develop.

By placing it on the ground, the devotee is impregnated with the ancestral energy of Mother Nature, which he receives directly and constantly.  

The Yoruba rug and its relationship with the sacred Rule of Ifá

The Ifá priest use the mat to make your inquiries by the help of orunmila The great fortune teller, in the same way, this is the propitious setting for the realization of the ebbó that marks Ifá to the religious who come to meet him to break osogbos and sorcery.

The Yoruba rug is an essential object that must exist in all religious houses in Cuba and the world.

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