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Evil Eye How do we avoid it in Cuba?

The evil eye

In Cuba, the evil eye is one of the most deeply rooted superstitions, originating from multiple beliefs and from that transculturation so present on the island.

Thus, we Cubans have incorporated multiple practices to avoid the evil eye, which include a series of elements ranging from red ribbons to offal to eliminate bad energies.

And it is that the evil eye can cause damage, misfortunes, diseases and even cause death just by looking.

Today many are those who believe that illnesses, arguments and failures in love life or in business have to do with "bad eyes."

The evil eye, Cuban practices to evade it

There are many Cubans who think that too many compliments can be harmful depending on who is giving them and can produce evil voluntarily or involuntarily through envy or admiration and through the look.

In Cuba, most of the people avoid the evil eye and they place phrases or images in their homes and businesses to scare it away, like an image of an eye next to a tongue pierced by a dagger, present in many Cuban homes.

The most common is a piece of red cloth that ties an object, whatever it may be, because it is believed that this evil is not limited to people and can affect animals, plants and things.

How to avoid the evil eye?

Among the most common methods and remedies for chase away the evil eye in Cuba are:

  1. Tie a red ribbon to the object or living being that can be affected. This is done with many babies, who have a strap attached to the wrist.
  2. A jet or an eye of Saint Lucia is also very used in children.
  3. Crossing the fingers of the hands (the greater on the index) when we hear some eulogy, symbolizing the cross.
  4. It is said "blessed be your eyes" to those who praise.
  5. The answer is "God bless you" to a compliment, especially from people we do not know.
  6. On a piece of cactus a red strip is put on the door of the house, to scare away bad eyes.
  7. A horseshoe is placed behind the door of the house, a symbol of protection and good luck.
  8. Place a clove of garlic inside the hair to avoid being affected by this evil.
  9. Make a cross with cascarilla (sacred element of protection in Santeria) on the feet, shoes or the nape of the neck.
  10. The prayer of San Luis Beltrán together with a spoil, serves, above all, when we are carriers of this curse.

The evil eye is powerful, it can cause us discomfort, headaches and continuous stumbling on the path of life. How do I know if I have the evil eye? Find out CLICK HERE

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