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Lack of respect is the great Osogbo of Eyeunle≫ Advice from this Sign


Eyeunle is a very large sign within the Santeria ruleWhen this odun talks to a religious, it is to give him advice on how to cope with the vicissitudes of fate that await him, recommending that he always use intelligence over brute force.

Prohibitions and warnings marked by the Eyeunle sign

Eyeunle sign
  • The santero who takes Eyeunle out in Itá should not perform religious ceremonies on any person who is seriously ill, as he runs the risk of dragging that person's osogbos.
  • Under this odun the keeping of pigeons is prohibited.
  • It is taboo to wear patched and worn clothes, since it is considered vital that the person takes care of their physical appearance.
  • Convalescent or hospitalized people are not visited as the santero runs the risk of collecting sorceries when visiting the health center.
  • Extreme care must be taken when going up or down stairs, because this odun speaks that falls can be suffered in the same ones that predict serious consequences on the health and physical integrity of the person.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use perfumes on the head, because with this action the guardian angel of the person is being disturbed, taking away mental clarity and spirituality.

Be careful in certain places

Eyeunle Sign Tips

The santero should not visit basements or places that are propped up or at risk of collapse, since his life is in danger in these places.

It is recommended to be cautious in dark places where the existence of objects that can injure the person is unknown.

It is vital that the santero who possesses this sign is not in the open during the passage of the Holy Sacrament at twelve o'clock either day or night out of respect for this deity, and it is also precisely this time when he is more prone to acquire sorcery. .

Avoid dirt and sun rays

It is recommended to be clean and have adequate hygienic habits, it is taboo in this sign to have a dirty house and hide the garbage under the carpets and in the corners as this brings delay and distances development.

The Osha warns the santero that he must be careful of excessive exposure to the sun's rays as this could cause the development of dermatological diseases, including severe burns and dehydration.

Always be respectful

It is necessary through this sign to maintain a respectful behavior before every living being, all those religious who make fun of people who have physical defects and mental retardation are punished by Olofin.

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