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How to avoid the Osogbos under the Odun Eyila? Advice from this Sign


Under the Eyila odun it is strictly forbidden to hold debts with Kawo Sile, because this Orisha must be respected and venerated since it is the deity in charge of endowing all the goods to the santero that is governed under this sign.

They go to Shangó to solve health problems, in search of development and to defeat the war against an enemy.

Advice and prohibitions that are established in the Eyila Sign:

  1. By means of this letter, the santero must not perform ceremonies on humpbacked people or those with anatomical defects.
  2. When the religious possesses this letter he must take special care with orunmila as it can be accidentally lost.
  3. The person who owns Eyila must respect the coconut, as it is the sacred fruit that represented Eshu in the first place.
  4. The santero who possesses this odun must be very jealous in the action of giving religious powers because under this action he could give away his luck and development.
  5. Under this letter it is not only attended religious ceremonies especially spiritual centers.

Other warnings that must be respected in this Odun:

Eyila Tips

Avoid conflict and curse:

Osha recommends the religious to be discreet, avoid gossip and not meddle in other people's affairs as this is a source of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Do not curse yourself because the same negative energies that are invoked will affect your life causing hardships.

It is a taboo to deliver vital documents to irresponsible or unknown people because this action usually brings problems and greater evils, which in one way or another will trigger embarrassment and disrespect.

Be careful with vices and violence:

Alcoholic beverages are not ingested, especially in public places.

In this odun the person has as a primitive instinct to attempt against another through violence, physical aggression by means of fire or the possession of knives is taboo.

Osha recommends avoiding violence and advocating for conflict resolution through passive dialogue.

It is a cause of public embarrassment to interfere in love relationships with committed people, this will bring fatal consequences in his life.

Take care of the family, clothing and food:

You should avoid giving your parents displeasure as a consequence of one of these you can suffer the irreparable loss of one of them.  

Garments are not given away, nor are striped or black garments used as these bring backwardness to the person's life. For this reason the person should not wear hats.

It is recommended to rest the food in order for it to have a correct digestion, never go to bed after eating.

Tips and prohibitions that mark other signs:

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