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Why are the Ghosts represented with a Shroud?

Ghosts with sheet

Cinema and popular worship have undoubtedly immortalized the appearance of the souls of the deceased covered with a sheet.

Regarding this fact, many theories have arisen over time to try to explain this situation.

Some of these based on the interest of presenting the anonymity of many specters who do not want to be seen, while others refer to this event as a loss of the image of the deceased due to the family forgetfulness they suffered after their physical departure.  

One day that the myth of the white sheet takes on special importance is during Halloween.

Space in which the spirits cross the barrier that separates both worlds to assist the earth and thus reunite with family and friends.

Do you know what the wraiths look like?

The term ghost is etymologically related to the action of appearing suddenly, while for others it is identified with the word shine.

Human beings in their desperate attempt to reconnect with those who are no longer in this world have sought multiple ways to communicate with them and scientifically prove that the world of spirits exists.

  • And after endless methods they were able to establish that the spirit of the deceased takes the same form that it possessed while it was alive.

Although there are other paranormal events that reveal that ghosts like to change their appearance to confuse mortals.

The mystery of the Shroud What is it?

In ancient times, men had the belief that the deceased returned to earth wearing the last garment with which they had been dressed.

And history tells us that it was custom bury the corpses covered with a shroud:

  • Term that refers to a white sheet, an article that was used to partially collect the bone parts of the deceased when burial.

But as time has passed, customs have evolved and currently people are buried with clothes.

Sins after death Ghosts with chains!

Some have described ghosts dragging chains, a fact that does not correspond to any funeral rite known so far.

So it is believed that this event is related to the sins that continue to drag on the spiritual plane.

They do not allow you to evolve towards a better place where you must receive the blessing of the almighty.

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