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Orishas celebration dates ► Do you know when to venerate them?

Orishas celebration dates

Many devotees wish to know the dates in which the celebrations to the Orishas are held to pay homage and worship, because it is a precious day to honor them, offer offerings, perform songs and prayers, celebrate their blessings and have a great ceremony, but always full of love and faith.

Although it is common to celebrate in style, it is not necessary to make a great party for the Orishas, ​​it should not be forgotten that they are deities full of humility.

A flower, a prayer, a candle, or even a thought of gratitude will be enough for them to listen to you and bless you.

We must remember that product when religious syncretism process Between the African and Spanish cultures, the dates are fused with the celebrations made to Catholic saints, for the same reason some Orishas have more than one day of celebration.

In this post you will find the dates on which celebrations and tributes are held for some of the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.

Orishas Calendar:

Orisha:Dates of celebration:
EleguaJanuary 6 and June 13
osainJanuary 17 and March 19
OyáFebruary 2 and October 15
YewaApril 27 and March 13
Orisha okoMay 15th
ObbaMay 22 and November 25
oshosiJune 6 and May 6
OsunJune 24th
OggunJune 29th
Oke25 July
Nana Buruku26 July
YemayaSeptember 7
OshunSeptember 8
ObatalaSeptember 24
Aggayu SoláSeptember 26
ibeyisSeptember 26 and December 28
orula4 de Octubre
Inle24 de Octubre
ShangoDecember 4
Babalu AyeDecember 17

We challenge you to take this "Knowledge Test"

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Learn more about the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon:

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