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Traditional festivals of Palmira, touches for the Afro-Cuban culture

Traditional festivals of Palmira

Hen/Stag traditional festivals of PalmiraThey are a glorious moment for the different religious societies and associations of the territory to worship their deities.

Every good Cienfuero knows that Palmira has a unique charm among Cuban towns. It is a place to enjoy that intangible island heritage that is religious syncretism, and share it with all the residents of that community, who adore its bit of legend.

Palmira seems to be a town that caught time and filled it with mysteries. There, syncretic cults of Afro-Cuban origin and a popular religiosity seen in myths, legends and stories coexist.

Culture and tradition in Palmira

The town of Palmira is located 10 kilometers from Cienfuegos, in the south-central part of the country, and is known for its picturesque style of small houses surrounded by greenery.

But also, the traditional festivals of Palmira They are known to all followers of the Afro-Cuban culture and the Yoruba religion.

And is that Palmira is one of those places in Cuba that shows with greater intensity the permanence of Afro-Cuban religions and cults.

Each of the celebrations is internationally renowned and numerous foreign visitors interested in Afro-Cuban art and traditions participate in them.

Palmira Societies:

The festivities are organized by the different Palmira Societies, many of them with an immense history. Among the most recognized are:

El Cristo Society:

The Society of Christ, for example, emerged in 1913 as a Society of Instruction and Recreation to welcome freed slaves and their descendants, to carry out charitable work and to instruct them in the knowledge of medicine and religion.

Santa Barbara Society:

For its part, the Company Santa Barbara Its main figure was the Creole slave Lutgarda Fernández. It is a cult Society whose objective is the worship of the orisha Shango, syncretized with Santa Barbara.

San Roque Society:

San Roque on the other hand, emerged in 1915 and they worship the Orisha Eleguá. Every August 16, they celebrate the Feast of the Cabildo de San Roque for godchildren, devotees and non-devotees and worship the deity.

A legend, a heritage: hemp drum in Palmyra

Hen/Stag traditional festivals of Palmira their general characteristic is music and during the festivities it is usual for the stick or hemp drums, characteristic of that Cienfuegos region, to resound loudly.

The main festival is December 4, in which honors are paid to Santa Barbara and the orisha Shango, god of war and owner of lightning and thunder.

At the party, members of the Santa Bárbara Society carry the Virgin on their shoulders and walk her through the streets of the town, passing by other religious societies such as San Roque and El Cristo.

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