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The Power of the Jamaica Flower in Santeria «A Ritual for Love»

Jamaica flower in santeria

The Flower of Jamaica It is a shrub with steep stems that has small red buttons, which are called flower, this is the star product of the plant because with it dissimilar foods and beverages can be made while it can be used for ritual purposes.

Within the esoteric world it plays a fundamental role in performing spells of love and good fortune.

They are associated with these various special properties as an aphrodisiac activator. Its intense red color is associated with the intimacy of the couple and passion.

Can this plant be combined with other elements?

Jamaica flower
Jamaica flower

The Flower of Jamaica It is usually combined with other magical elements that enhance its power such as:

  • the cinnamon,
  • honey and
  • the petals of red roses.

The rituals that are developed with the Jamaica flower in Santeria are especially aimed at linking two people sentimentally, creating a strong and lasting connection between them.

Ritual to attract love with “Jamaica Flower”

Ritual with Flor de Jamaica

One of the most effective rituals that are developed with this plant will require:

  • five flowers of Jamaica,
  • five red roses,
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon and
  • a tablespoon of honey.

Once all the ingredients are possessed, the flowers are taken and the petals are removed independently from each one, which are placed in a bucket with water.

Shiny bath for good vibes and love:

These will añagive in the warm water that was collected inside the aforementioned bucket, then add the cinnamon and honey and mix evenly, taking care not to wither the petals.

With this water the person in question takes a lustral bath which will not only promote love, as it will also bring good energy and inner peace.

It is necessary to mention the importance of respecting the head when bathing, since a certain modesty must be kept about it because it belongs to the guardian angel.

When is it appropriate to perform this ritual?

This ritual can be done once a month to purify negative energies and attract good fortune.

Sometimes you can añaAdd a little perfume to the preparation to activate happiness and self-love.

It is appropriate to do it when:

  • Rest is not found through sleep,
  • when the person feels withered,
  • when you have many marital problems and
  • to raise self-esteem.

Other prayers and rituals for "Love"

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