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The Passion Flower in the Rule of Santeria is from Naná Burucú

Passion flower meaning

The Passion Flower It has among its virtues the ability to promote good vibrations in closed environments, which is why it is frequently observed in flower arrangements decorating the interior of the home.

Passionflower, the name under which this flower is also known, treasures medicinal properties which are related to:

  • the relief of insomnia,
  • analgesia and
  • the attenuation of diseases that have psychiatric components.

Legends related to the Flower of the Passion.

Passion of Christ flower

This flower is subject to numerous legends, one of the most famous and to which it owes its name is the one related to the Passion of Christ, since it is believed that this flower structurally possesses the elements related to this tragic event.

These include the crown of thorns, nails, wounds and ropes to name some of the elements.

This flower is related to passion because it tells an ancient Guaraní story that this plant sprouted on the ground where a young man lay out of love.

The narrative is set in pre-Columbian times where the love between an Indian and a young Spanish woman would mark a before and after in the history of the American continent.

The couple was secretly seen because the rules dictated that romance between individuals of two such distant races was impossible, in a fleeting encounter they were surprised, a fact that cost the brave lover his life.

The mystical properties of the passionflower.

Passion flower and its fruit
Passion flower and its passion fruit fruit

The Passion Flower brings harmony in environments saturated with bad vibrations, through its essence it cultivates tranquility, engendering love and calm in hearts in need of affection.

It is a plant that favors social relationships.

Your vital energy encourages the flow of positive energy. Among its virtues, the ability to transmit calm stands out, a fact that places it as essential essential oil and incense when performing meditations.

It is related to night rest, many people when they want to fall asleep without difficulties choose to place in the habitation said flowers.

The Flower of the Passion in the Rule of Santeria.

Passion Flower and Nana Buruku

The Flower of the Passion sees its uses in the Santeria rule related with Nana Burucu, Orisha witch, protective mother and deity owner of the spirituality that surrounds and emanates from the human being.

The saint uses the passionflower in many of her rituals, especially those related to love.

With this plant ritual baths and consecrated essential oils are made to attract good fortune.

The floral offerings made with Passion Flower are the favorites of Nana Burucú, it is believed that the witch Orisha manifests herself through this plant, apoyágoing there to establish contact with their children on earth.

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