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The Lotus Flower: Flower and Spirit in the same plant Know its virtues!

Lotus flower spiritual meaning

From ancient times the first men loved and revered nature, because by means of this they obtained the answer to almost everything they needed and acquired thanks to the observation of the same dissimilar abilities that allowed them to undertake the long path towards the evolution of the species.

It was through the fauna and flora that man first represented his gods and as a result of this he began to offer them veneration.

Action that was reflected in the rustic, but necessary task of honoring them with fruits and flowers.

Practice that today continues to constitute a fundamental pillar in many of the religions practiced around the world.

The Lotus allows one to enter the Spiritual World

The lotus flower It is one of the most famous varieties of aquifer plants in the world, not only for its beauty, but also for the wealth of magical-religious properties attributed to it.

The Asians in ancient times considered that through a pond flooded with lotus flowers it was possible to access the world of spirits and obtain, through contact with them, dissimilar answers to questions that urgently requested solutions.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Lotus Flower?

Through the lotus flower life and spirituality are represented.

Specifically, this species treasures the moment in which the soul leaves the body and remains floating for a few seconds in limbo, before entering heaven or eastern hell.

Purity and fertility are two other of the qualities that are reflected in the Asian flower.

The quality of the lotus to float inspires devotees to think about the ethereal of the soul once it breaks the ties with the earthly plane and begins to evolve, rising to a higher plane.

One of the flowers with the longest-lived seeds

The lotus is sacred because the gods used it to reveal the path of good to the lost and with its petals they calmed the hunger of walkers according to Eastern mythology.

The same unfortunates who with the help of its leaves were able to use them as containers to quench their thirst and drink the water from the sacrosanct spring.

This long-lived plant can germinate through its seeds even ten centuries later.

Therefore, it is considered the possessor of wisdom and guardian of great secrets, especially those related to eternal life.

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