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Marpacifico flower to pay homage to the spirits: the meaning

flower spirits

the sea pacificKnown by many names such as Hawaiian Flower, Poppy, Cayenne, etc., it is used in many cultures as an offering to honor ancestors who watch over us.

It also means beauty in the spiritual or abstract sense.

It is even said that it is one of the most used flowers in tattoos for its meaning of transcendental beauty, in addition to other symbolism.

The Marpacificos and their meaning in the Yoruba religion

The Pacific Ocean, whose scientific name is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, is native to East Asia, and its flowers can be of various colors such as yellow and pink, among others, but the one most used in Cuba by practitioners of the Yoruba religion is red.

Basically, it is used to wash the instruments of the Eggun (spirits and ancestors) and as an offering to the spirits. 

Because the Pacific Ocean is believed to be able to make a connection to the afterlife and reach the souls of those who are gone, they are one of the best displays of respect and devotion to Eggun.

Likewise, it can be used within the herbs that are used for washing or spoiling, as it is indicated that it is a flower that drives away evil and negative energy.

4 Spiritual Meanings Of These Sacred Red Flowers For Eggun

  1. The freshness of the marpacifico is synonymous with good vibes and health.

Due to its power of positivism and healing, many people place it in their homes when a member suffers from an illness, and ask their ancestors to help them recover.

  1. The energy that this flower gives off represents abundance, well-being and joy in many countries, especially in the world of esotericism and spirituality.
  2. It is a large flower, rich in bright colors, so it is an ideal offering for those who have abandoned earthly existence.
  3. The Pacific Ocean serves as a guide in spiritual masses to connect with the deceased and communicate with them in a timely and rapid manner.

Remember, what is truly important is not the value of the offering, but our intention, honoring our Spirits with this flower, we bring light and freshness, we activate our faith and we pay attention to the beings that help us so much in the paths of life. .

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