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What flower represents Oshun in Santeria? The flower that seeks the sun

Oshun flower

Oshun is an Orisha of extreme beauty, mother and protector of his faithful.

His deity joins the sacred and revered cult of Charity of Copper, one of the greatest exponents of syncretism that has linked Catholic beliefs to the Yoruba roots of the Cuban people.

In the Yoruba pantheon, it is Oshun owner of gold, honey, pumpkin and sunflowers. And he likes that his natural temple, the river, is adorned with that flower.

She becomes fond of those flowers that resemble a small sun, and that her faithful bring her with sincere intentions and from the heart.

Many are the devotees who choose 5 beautiful sunflowers to form a bouquet and leave it in the current of the river so that it beautifies the temple of Oshun.

Others take it to the altar of Caridad del Cobre and place its petals near the image of the saint, while praying for her blessing.

The Sunflower, and its Spiritual Meaning

The sunflower, also known by names such as mirasol, calom, jáquima, marigold, trapolote or tile corn, is a herbaceous plant native to America, but today it is cultivated in many areas of the world.

The main characteristic of sunflowers it is its heliotropism, say its ability to turn in search of sunlight. 

The sunflower flower is associated:

  • to the cosmos, 
  • the inmortality,
  • the evolution,
  • personal growth and
  • the connection with the powers of the universe.

Its search for light catalogs it as an ideal plant to absorb good energies. Therefore, it symbolizes good luck, health and happiness. 

Its vibrant and striking color is also representative of beauty and elegance and is identified with the solar plexus chakra.

Therefore, the sunflower is also the flower of unconditional love, friendship and fidelity.

The golden petals of the sunflower are also a symbol of fortune and wealth, which is why in many cultures it is customary to give sunflowers to newlyweds to wish them prosperity and abundance in their lives.

5 Sunflowers for the most beautiful Orisha 

Yellow sunflowers are a flower that denote vitality, energy and joy, qualities that we attribute to the most beautiful Orisha, to Oshún.

That is why we entertain her with sunflowers and ask her with great faith and honesty, to watch over us and our family. 

A simple ritual for Oshun with sunflowers:

  1. When you can, buy 5 sunflowers with the intention of giving them to the golden goddess.
  2. Choose the most beautiful flowers, that are not withered or mistreated, choose each one of them with the love of offering them.
  3. Go to the river, and if you don't have one nearby, you can go to a forest or mountain, at the foot of a beautiful leafy tree.
  4. From there light a yellow, gold or white candle, and with great faith thank the goddess of gold, praying that she always accompany you with her blessing.
  5. If you have your bell, ring it, and while you do it, give infinite thanks, and converse with it.
  6. You can wait for the candle to burn out, and spend this time connecting with Oshun and feeling her great energy.
  7. You can also pour a little honey on the flowers to give us sweetness, love and prosperity.

Do not forget that the flower of Oshun is powerful, put faith and trust in it and the paths will open with the great blessing of the Orisha of honey.

Other beautiful offerings to Oshún where you can offer sunflowers:

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