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What flower represents Shangó in Santería? Offering of courage and passion 

Shango Flower

To the Orisha of Thunder in the Yoruba Pantheon, to the passionate warrior, to the protector of his children and faithful, to the great Shangó we offer red roses and unfold their petals around him, as a symbol of love, beauty, courage and faith.

Devotees also give this flower to Santa Bárbara, a catholic syncretism of Shangó in the Rule of Osha or Santería.

Mainly, on the day of their joint party, December 4, the altars are filled with red roses, also known as black princes, to entertain the deities and show gratitude, light and love.

Every December 4, offerings of all kinds are dedicated to Shangó, including red apples, red wine, predominantly red, its tone in the Yoruba religion, which is why most offerings are adorned with petals of this flower that the warrior adores. 

The red rose and its spiritual meaning

Without a doubt, the rose is a symbol of very powerful elements, including passionate love.

Its classic shape and red petals have long been a symbol of romance.

Some of the symbols of this flower:  

  • It not only represents love, but also true respect and appreciation for each other.
  • A deep red rose can also imply a deep passion.
  • Red roses have been used in numerous battles over the years, also as a symbol of rebellion, courage and fearlessness in combat. 
  • This flower also has an exquisite sensual meaning that no other rose is capable of conveying.
  • It evokes a romantic feeling and desire.

Red roses and offerings for a Yoruba King

Shangó is one of the strongest deities to deal with within Santería, he is a passionate and powerful king and warrior.

That is why it requires as offerings a flower as majestic and spiritually powerful as the red rose.

The offerings to Shangó can be very varied, goes from:

  • love rituals,
  • defeat of enemies,
  • ceremonies to consolidate economically,
  • and other petitions dedicated to the deity for health and luck.

Red roses are included as offerings in numerous rituals dedicated to the Thunder King, mainly those designed to ask him for help in matters of love. 

However, we can also use these flowers to pray for economic well-being.

Ritual dedicated to Shangó to have prosperity:

  • This ritual includes a red apple, which we place on top of a bed of red rose petals.
  • Inside the apple we place a candle of the same color and on a plate, coins of any value as a symbol of abundance.
  • With these elements we will pray to Shangó asking him with great faith for his help to solve our financial problems.

We share some of the powerful offerings for Shangó:

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