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White Flowers and Basil to refresh the house

Refresh the house

In the religious houses of Cuba it is common to find in the spiritual vault a vase with flowers as a form of assistance for the deceased and spirits of the individual table of each inhabitant.

These are also present in the place where the deceased is cared for, as an offering is made to the souls who watch over us from heaven and who require care.

White flowers to ward off the bad 

White flowers They symbolize the purity and peace that is needed in homes to live in harmony, they perfume the environment so they help reduce stress due to their virtues in aromatherapy.

Butterflies, white roses, gardenias, white gladiolus, white bell jasmine, tuberose and lily are species of flowers that, due to their color, acquire great ceremonial significance in the magical-religious rituals in the Yoruba Pantheon.

Among these we find the lilies, these tiny flowers are the ones chosen par excellence to carry out the coronation mass, an important rite carried out before crowning the Osha in order to settle the protective spirits.

This usually añatell him the sacred herb basil within the Osha, which is mainly used to carry out dispossession and sanctification.

Basil, protective plant

Basil It is an aromatic plant that has multiple virtues, it is believed that it is capable of attracting spirits in the masses, it serves as a protective element because it removes negative influences.

How to use this powerful plant?

It provides a great aroma to the house, it is an herb that naturally collects negative energies.

It is also used for cleaning and bathing with cascarilla and eau de cologne, these can be añadir white flower petals.

This work can be done any day of the week, this work is traditionally done during the end of the year so that the house is fresh to receive the blessings that the arrival of the new year will bring.

This same mixture is used in the basins that are placed outside the houses where the drums and drawers take place so that everyone who arrives at the house is refreshed before entering it in order not to miss any dark dead or sorcery .

This basin is used in the same way in spiritual masses, its water serves the same purposes only that it is used at the end of the meeting to purify the aura of the mediums who receive an important energy charge during the encounter with the afterlife.

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