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What Flowers are good for the house? 3 that should NOT be missing in your home

Good luck flowers for the home

Flowers are not only decorative motifs in our home, but they also have an extremely spiritual meaning, due to their symbolism and their load of emotions.

Flowers are a source of good energy and representatives of love, pleasure, gratitude, purity and many other wonderful feelings.

They have always been present in homes, as they improve the environment and are a sign of happiness and gratitude to those beings that protect and guide us during our spiritual journey.

Powerful good luck flowers for the home - decorative elements of great spirituality

There are some flowers that are extremely popular as home decoration, but also as grantors of peace and love and symbols of happiness, so many of us choose them to remain in our homes and fill the environment with their intense powers.

Next, we show some of the flowers with great spirituality that we can choose to decorate and protect our home:

1. Lilies, to strengthen bonds of love and union

Lilies for the home
Lilies for the home

The lily flower It belongs to the lily family and its scientific name is Lilium Candidum which means "very white flower" and the color white is always associated with purity and innocence.

In addition, it is related to the heart, love and family and couple ties. That is why this flower is used a lot at weddings, the bride carrying it in her bouquet as a representation of pure love.

The lilies are native to the Mediterranean area, where mild and warm climates predominate and according to Mesopotamian beliefs they are related to the world beyond or beyond the grave, as they supposedly have powers to be reborn and start over.

According to the bible, the lily is a symbol of choice and providence; besides being the representation of the virginity of the Virgin Mary, who is adorned with this beautiful and delicate flower, symbol of innocence, purity, glory and majesty.

2. Roses, for protection and love

Roses for the home
Roses for the home

Roses are usually closely associated with love and passion.. But the truth is that, according to their colors, these flowers have different meanings.

The red rose and its powers to activate love

It is a symbol of love and eroticism. A red rose is said to have been the quintessential gift of people in love for centuries.

But also a bouquet of red roses symbolizes admiration for the couple, beauty and affection. It is also believed that the scent of the flower enhances attraction, seduction and sexual desire.

The white rose attracts tranquility and good energy

For its part, this flower is related to purity and integrity, in addition to symbolizing peace and innocence. These flowers are the most used in baptisms, weddings and communions.

They are also said to enhance femininity and pure and sincere love.

The yellow rose so that joy comes to our home

It is associated with youth, fun, joy and enhances beauty, strengthens the bonds of friendship and warms like the sun.

In its spiritual meaning, yellow roses at home attract joy and happiness.

3. Sunflower, symbol of good luck and prosperity

Good luck flowers for home
Sunflowers for the home

Sunflower It is native to Central America, Mexico and North America, but the Spanish during the conquest introduced it to Europe and today it is known throughout the world.

It is a very beautiful flower whose legend says that it always wanders looking for sunlight.

The sunflower is the flower that represents the power of sunlight and for centuries it has been worshiped as a spiritual symbol of deities. It symbolizes good luck, health and happiness.

Sunflowers at home are always symbols of faith, love and togetherness, in addition, they are said to attract fortune and wealth. It also represents fertility and passion.

Whenever you place this type of flowers in the home, business or other space, you will feel how the energy is renewed, because they purify and clean with its essence and power.

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