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The Flowers of the Orisha Oyá≫ 3 Beautiful flowers that Yansa welcomes

Flowers of Oyá

Oyá yansa He is the ruling deity of eddies and atmospheric phenomena related to winds.

This saint is represented by the union of all the colors, a virtue that allows her to use them in unison as well as the use of the nine different fragrances and the nine types of flowers to develop her spells and invocations.

3 Flowers for Oyá the Warrior Orisha

The flowers you use Oyá They have the characteristics of being very diverse and presenting varied tones, the heterogeneity of their species being precisely what makes the flower arrangements that are paid to this deity with such devotion by the religious people peculiar.

The mount on which he rides Oyá it is covered with Azaleas after the battles.

azaleas for Oyá

The Azalea It is the flower of victory, according to the legends that after achieving a victory Yansa covered the saddle of his horse with these flowers to celebrate his military triumph.

The energy that the azalea possesses is ideal for harmonizing family environments, so it is recommended for use inside homes.

It is a flower that can be combined with others since with this action its power is enhanced.

The Roses were confidants of the love between Shango and Yansa.

roses for Oyá

Las rosas they have been considered for many generations as the flowers of harmony.

These have great beauty and a peculiar aroma, qualities that make it worthy of the preference of many religious, who repeatedly choose it to honor their Orishas.

Roses of various colors are closely related to the Orisha Oyá, relates the pataki that on certain occasions the African deity left messages of love hidden in the flowers for Shango.

Gladioli are the flowers of wisdom.

gladioli for Oyá

The Gladioli They are flowers that have a very peculiar structure and a very different chromatic diversity, varying the tone of their buds from white to red, yellow and pink.

Its elongated appearance makes us think of swords or the presence of long feathers, the latter being the elements used in ancient times in order to exercise calligraphy.

This task was only available to a few people and everyone who had mastery of this knowledge was considered as wise people.

The Orisha of the sparkle receives the gladioli with great pleasure, because for her they represent, in addition to all the aforementioned, a symbol of truce, when the religious wishes to consent to Yansa, he only has to pay her a floral arrangement made with these beautiful flowers.

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