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Do you know the meaning of flowers at funerals? Sacred tradition

Funeral flowers meaning

Flowers have been present in life of human beings since ancient times, they have witnessed moments of joy, but also situations where sadness reigns, an example of this we can cite funerals and burials.

Why are flowers put at funerals? The origin of this custom

In ancient times, due to the rudimentary nature of medical practices, many sick people were buried still alive, so man felt the need to find an alternative so that this gruesome act would not continue to be carried out.

Thus arising the realization of the wakes, an activity in which the deceased would be kept awake to see if, after the clinical death was pronounced, the deceased would show signs of life again.

But for this act to take place, strategies had to be created to make the olfactory mission more viable, placing flowers around the coffins so that with their perfume they would overshadow the unpleasant smell that came off the cadaveric decomposition.

Today the principles that in years ago led man to place flowers on the deceased are very different from those of today, because in these times flowers are offered as a symbol of respect and affection to the person who will no longer be physically present. in this world, this gesture being a worthy tribute to his memory.

What meaning do flowers have at funerals?

Through the flowers, feelings are expressed, these are used in funerals as a gesture of love towards the deceased in order to pay tribute to their memory, so it is clear that each variety of these has a special meaning.

Meaning of white flowers at a funeral: Lilies and lilies

Lilies and lilies, white flowers, represent purity, eternal rest and the nobility of the spirit, in their tonality they cover everything related to memory, because it is through this that the happy moments of being are treasured. human.

  • Both flowers reveal the freedom of the soul at the end of his pilgrimage on the earth plane, thus reflecting his entry into a better world.

Gladioli, the messengers of a sincere love 

Gladiolus flower arrangements represent sincere love and loyalty.

Regardless of the color that the gladiolus presents, it will carry the message of eternal fidelity about that human being who is no longer in this world.

Carnations, a symbol of admiration

The carnation expresses with its presence the admiration for the deceased, at the same time that it recalls those moments where friendship prevailed above all things, leaving with it an indelible mark of affection.

Roses in various colors and meanings

Roses are one of the most popular flowers used in funeral arrangements.

These depending on the color will transmit a letter, for example:

  • White roses enhance innocence,
  • the pink ones they emit tenderness,
  • the yellow ones they talk about commitment,
  • the red ones they symbolize passion and love,
  • the blue ones and the green ones they immortalize the genius of thought.

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