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3 Flowers to attract Love and ignite passion Know their powers!

Flowers to attract love

Throughout history, many flowers have been attributed powers to call love and ignite passion in couples.

Some of them are used in magic rituals to attract a loved one or to know if there may be a relationship between the two.

The fact is that most flowers have esoteric properties that can really help us clean environments and attract prosperity and love.

Its magic, in addition to purifying and cleaning any space, also helps to attract a positive vibe.

How can we use the power of flowers?

We use these flowers in numerous rituals that range from the simplest to the most complex, so that love finally knocks on our door and we can find our other half to accompany us on the path of life.

  • We can use them in spiritual baths añagiving a splash of honey and personal perfume to generate attraction in love.
  • In ritual cleansings in the home or business, putting its petals in the cleaning water so that the good flows and love does not stagnate.
  • Buy aromatic candles or incense with their aromas, by placing them in our habitation or home spaces, will help us strengthen sentimental relationships.

At the end of this article we leave some rituals that you can perform to attract love and good paths.

Here are 3 flowers that can strengthen love in our lives

Daisy flower

1. Margarita, Cupid's emissaries

These flirtatious flowers are called, the prophets of love.

And it is that this is the flower that many take and defoliate to know if the other person loves you or not.

  • In each petal he says "he loves me" or "he does not love me". And in the end, the last petal tells the truth about the loved one.

The fact is that these tender, beautifully colored flowers have adorned the hair of marriageable maidens since ancient times.

It is said that, in medieval times, the maidens who wanted to get married soon, went to the field to form a bouquet of daisies with their eyes closed.

When they were opened, they would count the number of newly opened daisies and they would tell him the years until they were married.

Because of these traditions, it is still believed today in the powers of these flowers to attract pure and true love.

Another way to know if you have the love of the desired person, is to take a daisy, and place it between the clothes.

If the day passed and it remained fresh, it was concluded that there was true love. If it withered, it meant trouble and infidelity.

2. Lavender, newlyweds blessing

Lavender plant

So sweet is the scent of beautiful lavender, it is said that clothes scented with this flower, attracts love and also passion.

  • That is why in many parts of the world there is an ancient tradition of giving lavender bouquets or bags to newlyweds, to bring good fortune to the union.

Lavender is also used in scented candles or incense to strengthen the bonds of love between a couple.

Another popular belief, recommends writing letters scented with this essence to the desired person, it will reinforce the love between you.

3. Jasmine, a charm for the heart

Jasmine flower
Jasmine flower

The aromatic jasmine flower is very effective in attracting love, according to the esotericists.

It is said that we can place it in the bedroom facing south, so that it constitutes a good luck charm for subjects of the heart.

Jasmine petals are also used in spiritual baths to wash our body of everything that weighs us down and strengthen self-esteem, and instead call the good energies of love and passion.

It is said that the aroma of this used flower and incense, can increase the passion and sensuality existing between a couple, as well as eliminate shyness.

Some rituals for love and baths with powerful flowers:

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