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Did you know that the Flowers that are paid to the Orisha Obatala are white?

Flowers for Obatalá

Obatalá is the Orisha protector of human intelligence and thought, he was entrusted with the task of distributing the intellect among humans, a task conferred on him by his own Olodumare, of whom is considered a direct descendant.

This Orisha is wise, knows the deepest secrets and memories that in one way or another impacted on the lives of human beings at a certain moment of their existence, which left a mark of learning and personal improvement difficult to forget.

3 Beautiful flowers offered to Father Obatalá

Numerous offerings are made to this deity, among which we can mention candles, fruits, addimus prepared with cocoa butter and flowers to name a few examples.

In the case of the latter, they must be white because this is the representative color of the Orisha through which it manifests itself in order to provide its children with peace and astral purification.

Jasmine is Obatalá's favorite flower.

Jasmine flowers for Obatalá

Jasmine It is one of the most frequently offered flowers to Obatala, it has the virtue of being beautiful and delicate at the same time.

The whiteness of its petals is the condition that classifies it as special and makes it remain in the preference of the African deity.

The white Orisha is offered jasmine on the 24th of each month, as a token of affection and respect.  

The White Roses represent the union of the family.

Rose flowers for Obatalá

The White Roses They symbolize the family union as several buds sprout from the same plant.

They are warm flowers, whenever love is idealized it is linked with this plant, so it is not strange to point out that over time the petals of said Rose have been used to perform spells aimed at this end.

This beautiful flower from Obatala brings peace to the home. When white roses are to be offered to this Orisha, the thorns must be removed since these are the part that the plant uses to protect itself from its enemies.

Lilies are flowers of great spiritual strength.

Lily flowers for Obatalá

Lilies They are the most peculiar flowers used in Osha ceremonies, they are closely related to spirituality, a gift that Obatala protects and directly influences.

Flowers that play a fundamental role in the coronation masses and other spiritual investigations where they behave forming a bridge of connection between the physical and astral plane.

These flowers are given to the holy owner of all heads in order to obtain sanity and spiritual seat in life.

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