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5 Flowers for Yemayá: These are the flowers that the Orisha adores

Flowers for Yemayá

Yemaya She is the Yoruba deity of the salty waters and the orisha of motherhood that is in nature, in the sea and on the crest of the waves, possessor of the great secrets of the waters of the ocean.

She is the mother of all children on earth and represents the source of life, fertility and motherhood and is considered the queen of the Sea, so her religious ceremonies and offerings are always linked to the salty waters and colors that represent.

There are many offerings that this goddess adores and appreciates from her faithful devotees, but an important place is occupied by flowers, preferably white and blue, like the sea.

The offerings for Yemayá must always have a flower, as this way she will fill us with her joy and blessings.

Yemayá's favorite flowers

About 5 flowers for the Orisha Yemayá that she adores:

1. White roses

The deity is very fond of white roses, so to ask for health, his devotees carry a basket of white roses to the seashore and ask for his help and blessings.

The white rose represents pure love, like that which mothers profess for their children and are an expression of that maternal facet that characterizes the Orisha of the seas.

2. Larkspur

The delphinium Preferred flowers of Yemayá

This is one of those flowers that can be placed in Yemayá when saying a prayer and do not forget to also light a white candle. These wild flowers are very popular for their beautiful color, an intense blue, like that of the seas of the world.

The beautiful flower symbolizes the greatness of the heart, joy and even frivolity, all characteristics of the goddess and also shows the attachment and fidelity towards the deity.

3. Blue plumbago

The blue plumbago is a climbing shrub covered in pretty frames of sea-blue flowers. This flower is native to Africa and is one of the most popular offerings for the goddess Yemayá.

Blue plumbago is also known as matchstick, bluish or blue jasmine. The small flowers are grouped into blue clusters about 15 centimeters wide.

The goddess will always be grateful for this offering from African lands, which symbolizes beauty, which is why it has a great landscape value.

4. Hydrangea

Hydrangea Favorite flowers of Yemayá

Hydrangea is one of the flowers that really reflects the blue of the sea, although they can change color depending on the pH level of your soil. It is often recommended to sow them in a pot and then collect them and be able to offer them with an incredible blue tone.

The Hydrangea for Yemayá, in offerings destined for the sea or by placing them at the time of praying, symbolize gratitude towards the goddess for all her blessings.

The flower is also a symbol of abundance and feminine beauty.

5. Jasmine

This small fragrant flower has great medicinal value, so Mother Yemayá will value it as an ideal offering, as it also symbolizes sensuality and purity at the same time.

It is a flower with calming effects that helps control anxiety, depression and other nervous problems.

It also has great religious importance, as it is used for spells of love, protection and the search for fertility.

Let us offer flowers to Yemayá to bless us, to make her feel flattered, to thank. Let us ask for her blessing with an offering as simple as a flower and she will appreciate it.

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